The Black Bandits @ The Fort...

Looks like I missed an Epic event !!!.. Ledz

June 16 2013, in a town called Blénod-lès-toul in the Northern of France…..

Shoreline a company known for high quality paintball big games organized their second big game in Europe. A fort, built in the 1800´s by Napoleon and constructed over 4 levels (3 of which are below ground) with even a great history in both world wars.. Kilometers of underground tunnels and countless bunkers. Surrounded by miles of fortified woodlands and kilometers of concrete trenches and bunkers. The ultimate paintball experience and we had the chance to experience it.

In contrast to most big game organizations where it´s just like an enormous walk in event without any serious objectives, Shoreline add a competitive game play to it’s big game at the fort. During the weekend four factions: UK, France, Germany and Netherland/Belgium with 150 people per faction are playing in some kind of competition/tournament on two separate fields.

One is in the fort and the other in a big woodland area. There were all kind of ways to score points and the faction that would end up with the most points at the end of the weekend wins the event. This not only boost the moral to really battle for the points… no it gives you a pride feeling fighting for your country. This is something that helps kick in that extra boost of adrenaline during the games.

Bandits (of course duh) joined the Holy Orange Order led by Wido of team Fubar with 9+1 Bandits. In our faction there were several teams who have experience with competitive scenario gameplay in our own Dutch Scenario Competition. Under command of Wido and together with team Fubar and Madball we basicly organized the whole faction in game. The three captains were on radio comms with both Wido our General and their own team.

Our faction was split in 3 squads of 50 led by one of the three mentioned teams. This worked out great mostly thanks to Wido´s clear orders. We were able to give him a clear idea of the situation and he was able to bring troops where they were needed most. But during the weekend it was mostly Bandits who were assigned on attacking/defending the moat and Fubar/Madball on clearing the top levels and tunnels.

We really fought as one 150 man team against the other factions with such passion that almost none of the games we play did last to the end. Factions playing against us were overwhelmed by the aggressive playing style of the Holy Orange Order. The most intense battle was against our neighbor country of the Germans. We have a history with the Germans going back in history for decades…. And this is something you could feel on the battlefield. The feedback we received from the experienced UK marshall team “We have never witnessed such a rivalry in a paintball game” confirmed it all.

The Holy Orange order did not lose a single game the whole weekend and won the Shoreline Big game at The Fort.

We would like to thank all the Dutchies and Belgians who joined our faction and helped us with this great achievement. We have really put NE/BE on the map of International Paintball. Thank you Shoreline for hosting such a great event. It was our first introduction to Shoreline big games and we became fans, you definitely see us on more Shoreline big games in the future.
And ofcourse our sponsors for making this possible for us and our photographer Christiaan Drenth of Hasselhoff Photography that made all those nice pictures of us at the cost of a lot of bruises :P