St. Louis Bandits ...Win Series At MPPL!

The St Louis Bandits (Mason Mendez, Nathan Jacobs, Nick Young, Wesley Buchanon, Andy Renick, Seth Jones, Zack Forshee and Richard Swanson) won 1st place at the D4 5 Man Tournament in Pekin Illinois Saturday.  This team of young players (youngest 14 and oldest 22) won First Place in the 3 Event series against 12 seasoned teams! They also took First for this 3rd event. The STL Bandits have less than 12 months of playing time under their belt as a team and this was only their 4th Tournament! The prize was the entry fee into World Cup in October plus cash and paint.  We are very excited about this win and the future of our young team!  

We definitely want to thank Planet Eclipse for the Geo 3's, Ego 11's and the new LV1!  The reliable markers made all of the difference.  No marker issues for the fast,  paced event and we rolled up in style and stayed organized with our new Planet Eclipse gear bags.  Thank you for the quality products and we'll see you in October at World Cup!

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Well Done Guys !!!


  1. I love the pee'ing on Bob Long sticker on the loader. PLANET ECLIPSE #1


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