Heat in the woods???

The best time we’ve had since winning!
Amsterdam HEAT, originally a CPL Sup’air team fell in love again with paintball. As war stories started to dry out, HEAT members Sebastiaan Hoogendijk, David Veltman, Aren van Unen and Adham Laamraoui  took their game back to it’s roots in Dutch scenario competition.  Fully equipped with Eclipse camo gear, ETHA’s  with EMC kits we felt confident heading in to our first 7 vs 7 woodsball series. Arriving on the scene with  ‘all the gear, yet no idea’ we started realizing that just as Sup’air paintball, Woodsball  as a sport also evolved in to quite a serious scene with some serious ballers. We quickly  started to understand the seriousness of our miscalculation. Having no communication equipment, no idea what to actually do, and even not a clue what rules apply for what reason. The heck, we didn’t even really knew how to win a game and by what metric a wins where measured… Fun times…! Luckily, after teaming up with veteran team Madballs, all rules were explained and the concept of the game slowly started to make sense to us rookies.
After misinterpreting the rules, we found ourselves passing the gunchecks with  PSP 3-shot burst mode (FTW!).  Swiftly  grabbed the greatest practise paint we could find( GI 2-star),  loaded up our pods and headed on  the field. Finding the field was easy, the field was  everywhere, the scene was mind-blowing big. Houses, rivers, bridges, valleys, CQB spots and even a mountaintop promised a spectacular day of paintball! 

Cocky as we are (sup’air playing snobs), we expected to win & look good in every battle we encountered. The idea was to simply cherrypick a random enemy  on the field, shoot him, and proceed to the next target until there is nothing left to shoot at.  I was rather surprised, to only find HEAT players in the deadbox after I was shot of the break and pulled for what ref called a “hit”….. After a heated but strategic dead box meeting, we made clear to each others that ‘sticking your head in to paint’ is a bad idea in any league…  After 7 minutes of deadbox monologues, we where about to respawn (how cool is that!?!) to play the remainder of the 30 minute game. So let’s  start crouching, hiding, camping and playing possum for the next 23 minutes of gameplay. 
Playing on such a big field, with no walky talkies pretty much lead to loosing track of everybody, all the time. We just had to assume that our fellow team members of the Madballs where holding down the fort just long enough for us to make safe trip back. After playing 4 matches, equal to 2 hours (!!!) of playing time, we were both physically destroyed but technically winning! We don’t know how, and what we did in order to win the tournament, but we won! More importantly, we fell in love again with paintball! Till this day, we are trading war stories about our heroic battles.
The day that boys became men!
Thank you paintball for being so cool! Thank you Planet Eclipse for outfitting and equipping us with Etha EMC’s! And thank you Amsterdam HEAT for not taking yourself all to serious!
Yours sincerely,
The Amsterdam HEAT’s men club
INFO about the league:www.scenariocompetitie.nl

Thanks to RSH media for the pic !!