The First 1st for Ambush

Tiger Ambush is no longer sneaking up on their opponents.  Ambush’s strong season is picking up speed with a First Place finish at the CFOA’s Tarheel Open.  This is the squad’s 3rd podium finish in 4 events, but their very first victory.  Ambush fought through the heat, humidity and stiff competition to push into the playoffs, where they won 6 of 7 games. 


Lead by tournament MVP Shaun Rinn, Ambush’s Geo 3’sonce again didn’t miss a beat.  Rinn said, “I play snake, so I put my Geo through some torture when I dive, but it has been a really reliable gun. It’s always ready when I am, no matter what I just did to it.  My favorite part of the day was when I had 5 kills in one game, and I only shot about 15 balls… It is super accurate, and that is what I need when I have such small windows of time to target and fire.”

Team owner Josh Trelease said, “We faced some excellent competition, and I am really pleased with my guys stepping up their game.  Hopefully we can ride this momentum into the next tournament and continue to perform at a high level.  We really grew as a team, and I think it was due to the guys having to endure my vocal stylings at the Karoke Bar the night before.  An experience like that will make men out of boys.  You can subject your team to the same torture:

It might just be the torment that gets your team to the next level too.  Many thanks to Marc, Heather, and Jacko at Planet Eclipse for the excellent gear and outstanding support!”

Well done from everyone at Planet Eclipse HQ keep up the good work !!