Time for a Promotion???

Coming into the 4th event of the federation sanctioned Portuguese National Championships, we knew that it was going to be a key event for us. Having come from a win in the previous event (Our first this season after a much too long string of 2nd places), and having overtaken our rivals and taken the 1st position in the overall ranking, this event was going to be the one where we had to prove that it hadn’t been a fluke, and that we could and would continue to improve and do better and better to get to our objective of winning the series.

Our first game was against team RUSH, in which we managed to execute our strategy well and shoot people off the break, quickly and convincingly achieving a 3-0 win. Our second prelims game was against Metralhas Bronze, and we also managed to play strong and take the 3-0 win. Our last prelims game was also our hardest one in theory, but as we had already guaranteed our qualification to the finals with two flawless wins, we decided that we would take this game to try a couple things before the finals. We took the game 3-1 and got ready for the finals, advancing in 1st place in our group.

Surprisingly, our main rivals Damaiense, failed to make finals this event, which meant that we had the opportunity to solidify our position in 1st place in the ranking. So, joining us in the finals were teams Blue Falcon Squadron, Lisbon Titans and Metralhas Bronze.

Our semi-finals match was VS Metralhas Bronze, we went into the field and lost the first point, and then the second, and suddenly we were losing 0-2 and having to start with 4 for the next point due to a penalty on our last player. Not a good scenario by any means… But then we did what we do best, and we dug deep. We went over our strategy and got ready for what would be our most important point in this tournament, if we lost it we’d be out. And the strategy was clear: shoot a body off the break to even it back up at 4 players a piece, and then slowly work together and win the game from there. And so we did. And then we started playing like our usual selves again, and took the next two points convincingly to win the match 3-2 and guarantee our advancement to the final.

In the final, we faced off against Blue Falcon Squadron, who had beaten us in the past event. But we had watched them play all tournament long and knew exactly what they were doing, and how we would counter it. So we put in our most experienced players and took a convincing win of 3-1, along with the golden cup and the guarantee of promotion to the 1st division next season. 

It was a very good event for us, all of us played well, played together and were able to help each other at every step of the way, and that was the main thing, because a match isn’t just won on the field, but also in the pits and on the sidelines. We’re also extremely proud of our young players who’ve managed to come such a long way since the beginning of the season, and had an extremely strong showing at this event. And of course none of this would have been even possible if we hadn’t had the amazing support and equipment that we get from our sponsors, so again: Thank you. From each one of us. We will continue to work harder and harder to deserve your trust and support.