Bad Boys..... What Ya Gonna Do??

First of all, we would like to take some time to thank all of our sponsors that made it possible for us to compete in the NPL.

Thank you: Paintball de Naaldhof, Planet Eclipse, Anthraxx, RSH-Media, D-19 Gasselte.
And also thank you: Cdisz investments, de Naaldhof, Maxx Trading,

M3: 1rst place (Joey Brekelmans, Maikel van Maasacker, Ruben van Maasacker)
M5: 2nd place (Joey Brekelmans, Maikel van Maasacker, Ruben van Maasacker, Roel van Brussel, Hidde Feenstra, Roel vink)

In the beginning of the new season our goal was clear: Keeping our title on both days. Unfortunatly this didn’t really go as planned. We managed to keep our title on saturday, ending first out of 4 legs only losing 1 game.

Though we gave away our first place on sunday by losing against Furious Rotterdam on the final leg. After a close match we lost the overtime point resulting in a win for Furious, and also winning the whole series...

So with a little dissapointment, but also pride we can say that we had a pretty good season. Ending second at sunday and first on saturday.

Before we say goodbye we would like to give a special shoutout to Paintball de Naaldhof and Planet Eclipse, for the constant support and the awesome GEO3’s that performed perfectly through out the whole season.

What ya gonna do ?! 

Well Done..... Another Great Result for the Emortal Army !!!!!