Clash of Clans - JOIN NOW !!

Planet Eclipse has a Clan in the Game: Clash Of Clans (Iphone, Ipad etc)... 


There is a Clan limit of 50 players and when we posted it last time the Clan filled up VERY quickly.. As time has passed players have stopped playing so we have had a purge and now there are a bunch of spaces open for players to join our Clan... EMORTAL ARMY

If you want in, you need a minimum of 800 trophies and just ask away and you will be let in with open arms (if there is room)...

As a Clan (EMORTAL ARMY) we expect you to donate troops, highest level possible, and you will receive.

So if your looking for a Clan, come and join the fun :-)

Ledz (Clan Leader)


  1. Hello,you can find working hacks for Clash Of Clans here:

    Works for me


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