Into the Unknown.....

We recently found ourselves at the first UWL event at our home field of Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN.  This would be the first woodsball tournament that any of us had played.  Although many of the team enjoys playing different formats of paintball (some even with speedball experience), scenario is our comfort zone.  We were going to be outside of our element, but were determined to branch out and give the combination of our woods experience, along with a faster paced game, a valiant effort.  We entered the Tactical Division, along with two other sister teams from our field.

On Game Day One, each of us did our best to prepare for what was to come.  Some of us joked around, listened to music, socialized, or even took a nap.  As time drew near for the first game of the day, we all huddled around the net near the midpoint of the field and watched the experienced UWL teams battle it out.  Our plans of how to execute success seemed to make much more sense – how to split the field, where each teammate would go, how to sub in, who was to sub in, and most importantly – how to communicate to one another on the field.  This was not something new to us, as we do this at every event we attend, but more of an affirmation.

Our first game found us at the start station, making sure each of us knew the rules, asking the referee last minute questions, and finally getting everyone fired up with a speech.  When the referee gave the thirty seconds proclamation, our adrenaline was pumping hard.  The call for the scout was made and our scout took off running for the first flag station.  Ten seconds later, the floodgates were opened and we ran to our assigned locations and battled for flags.  With the thick foliage, our HDE pants easily blended in with the terrain. We came out on top after a hard fought match thirty minutes later.

The second game was less nerve racking, as our pre-game plan was now routine: chrono, formulate new plan, prepare for battle.  Again, at the call for the scout, most of us jumped, but it was easier to reset.  The two new LV1 marker additions to our team got plenty of field time and didn’t miss a beat.  Midway through the game, our scout ran back requesting us to make a push for the opposition’s flag – which we complete.  After a quick reset, the third part of the match starts, and once again were on top in the end.

The third game of the day was much like the second, except fewer of us jumped during the scout call.  All of our markers performed perfectly on the field.  Somehow we pulled off another victory and took the rest of the day to debrief and formulate the next day’s plans.  A little potluck meal and cobbler rejuvenated our energy, along with some of the more humorous antics that happened on the field like our scout pulling the wrong color flag for a few minutes during one of our matches.  Mother Nature only rained on our parade for half an hour (probably due to someone angering the Paintball Gods a few days prior to the event by talking about how perfect the weather forecast was).

Game Day Two started beautifully with our fourth game later in the morning.  After our fourth victory, we were on our way to the tactical final against another unbeaten team, Chicago Underground.  We lost the coin toss and lost the choice of start stations, but were able to pick up a rejuvenation of the first player shot out.  Moments after the start of the game, we were stalemated at the center of the field; unfortunately, the flag stations were on the opponent’s side of the center.  After battling tooth and nail through the longest thirty minute match we have ever been part of, we were defeated and took Tactical Division 2nd place. This match was epic, and we were given a taste of how it would be to play at this level.  We want more.  We are now anxiously awaiting next year’s UWL schedule so we may add those games to our own schedule.  Thank you to everyone who was at this awesome event. A great thanks to Planet Eclipse for the superior gear they produce.   And a special thank you goes out to Chris Greer who helped keep us focused in the pits.       


Our next event will be at Bearclaw Paintball for MPP’s Game of Thrones : Dothraki vs. Greyjoy on October 5th – 6th.  If you need help with anything paintball related, feel free to ask any one of us.  Look us up on Facebook  (  Also check our page for updates on upcoming games and new products from Planet Eclipse.