Nemesis... MPOC Champions !!!

Team Nemesis win the MPOC League Overall Championship !!

Nemesis has been very consistent this season winning 4 out of 5 legs with Team Raskal hot on the heels and breathing down their necks coming in 2nd on the Overall Championships. So a nice One Two for Planet Eclipse... :-)

Team Nemesis also competed in the Paris Millennium World Cup representing Asia and have a great experience and really enjoyed themselves. Team Nemesis's played really well despite their lack of experience playing on the World's stage but will definitely be back for more next season.

Nemesis would like to gratefully thank Ledz and Planet Eclipse and Skirmish Paintball Asia for their great support and sponsorship throughout the season. - Loco,  Captain -Team Nemesis

Team Raskals won the 5th and final leg of the MPOC.. and the bragging rights until next season...

We will to thank our great sponsors - Planet Eclipse and Skirmish Paintball Asia for their continued support and confidence. Team Raskal is still in their midst of rebuilding their team with the introduction of new players and new talent to improve and enhance their team strength. Their focus for 2014 is to compete and win more events and leagues and to promote the Planet Eclipse brand to the best of the abilities..

Team Raskal would also like all their sponsors - Planet Eclipse, Skirmish Paintball Asia, Gelkaps Sports, Exalt, Virtue, Meccanica Efx, Pangkin and Xtion Paintball for their continued support and confidence in our team. - Capt Aziz aka Ira Reaper - Team Raskal

The Emortal army is strong in Asia :-)