Primetime Paintball TV

Primetime Paintball TV will broadcast 4 hours a week of brand new paintball content on mainstream TV across 32 countries mainly in Europe on Sky TV channel 192.
Viewers outside of Europe can watch the show in HD online from

Primetime Paintball TV starts on Tuesday 22nd October at 8pm (UK time) until 10pm and Thursday 24th at the same times.

This is the first time anywhere in the world where paintball has managed to get a permanent home on mainstream TV, beaming in to the homes of millions of people, bars and hotel rooms.

Primetime Paintball TV will launch with 7 brand new shows – all with brand new paintball content. Some content is aimed at scenario/Big Game paintball, other content at tournament, some specifically for the UK or North American markets but most importantly…..there is significant content aimed at rental players and the public.

The Roster Season 2 will be aired on the TV Show ONLY.... NOT On-Line.....