Black Bandits @ The Citadel 2013

25 October 2013 The drive to the battle field. 

Friday afternoon the Bandits loaded up two cars for the start of the adventure, this was the big bang to end a good season. After a three hour drive we reached the Belgian city of Blaimont where we rented two simple but nice vacation homes, which are turned into two big man-caves within seconds.
After unpacking it was time to find the battlefield. But then the trouble started. The darkness has already fallen, and the gods pour all the water they had on us. We started the drive and after a have hour, through al kind of narrow mountain roads and passing country borders we found the France city of Givet and saw the fortress called the Citadel standing proud on top of the hill. After another have hour drive, not finding an road to the Citadel, we decided to call it a Night and look for some food. After a short look around Givet we found something that looked like a snack bar. And in our best France we ordered something that was pretending to be fries and Döner kebab.

Leaving the diner to head back to our man-caves, we suddenly spot the Shoreline crew. And as a good sportsman our team captain is, he tried running them down with his car.  After some laughs we were happy to get directions for tomorrow morning to the Citadels entrance.

A big drive later we were home in our man-caves and prepped the last gear, and went to bed.

26 October 2013 The defence of the Citadel

The Citadel opened his doors at 07:00 am. And will close at 07:10 am. Not in, you’re out. That was the notice. So at 05:00 the first alarm sounded in the man-caves. After some shouting, swearing, a good cup of coffee and more energy stuff the Bandits were on the road. 07:00 am sharp we entered the Citadel. After gearing up we got the instructions of defending the Citadel the whole day. We were on the Denim team (o joy, wearing jeans all weekend.). We were supported with the Black faction.
First the enemy needed to battle through the moat. As we had some experience with moats in Shoreline the Fort, we were not planning to lose any grounds, and we were all looking to spot the goat.  After taking up positions we were waiting for the enemy to rappel down the moat. And with the incoming of some heavy smoke grenades the enemy appeared. They came in great numbers with even more paint. Wave after wave we hold our grounds. But the attacking forces sneaky assaulted all the targets at the sides of the moats which was a sign for us to retreat into the tunnel systems of the Citadel.

After a short sneaky walk through the tunnels we took new positions in the town of the Citadel.  But our Scottish faction commander had a sneaky plan for the bandits. We headed outside the town and hided into the hills, watching and guarding all the tunnel exits. Let the enemy come out and give them hell, were the orders.  And as good as we are in following orders, we brought them hell. After some short but heavy gun fighting, 10 bandits against 2 complete factions,  we retreated into the village and teamed up with our faction. Now it was time for the CQB tactics.

In the whole village there were four bottles hidden, and we need to protect these. But there were no game rules, so there were sneaky sniper holes in the houses, heavy gunners on rooftops, and sneaky cross fires set up. During a two hour game we defended the village preventing the enemy to claim all the bottles.

After finishing this game it was time to fill up the paint and play some small games.

Defending the hotel 

Because the blue faction was a bit larger than the other factions the shoreline crew planned a 3 vs 1 game. (we had a small ‘the fort’ flashback) . The blue faction turteld in the biggest three story building in the town. And the other factions had to attack the building and claim three ‘bombs’.
The bandits take charge of the top floor and we waited for the enemy to show up in front of our sights.  After loosing almost the complete building, the enemy was in the floors below us. And al soon we noticed it was our avenged enemy from the NSC (Dutch Scenario Competition)  team FUBAR.

But the only rule on Call to Duty was ‘Yellow smoke kills inside’. So we dropped a can down the stairs killing almost the complete FUBAR team. They were not amused. After a respawn they tried the other side of the building. But in the stairway there was our (over)fanatic and a bit hyperactive Paul. FUBAR tried the same trick, throwing in smoke, and another one, and another one. But Paul easily escaped entering other rooms. After a hour or two getting shot at, getting smoked out the game was over. And Paul was called the MVP of the game!

Time to go home and get some rest. After returning in the man-caves we had a big dinner prepared by our latest reinforcement and good friend. You will hear soon of him at the starting of the new season!
After some relaxing drinks and telling all the personal war stories. It was time for bed.

27 October 2013 The assault of the Citadel 

Also for the Sunday the rule was “The Citadel opened his doors at 07:00 am. And will close at 07:10 am. Not in, you’re out”. At 07:10 we entered the Citadel. In the pouring rain, we noticed that two days of intense paintballing isn’t for the weak. So the weak weren’t there. The factions were slimmed down.

This day it was our time to assault the Citadel. After some holy Marys to the weather gods it stopped raining. Now it was out time for some hardcore rappelling down the moat. After that we secured the perimeter and took charge at the enemies in the moat.  Not for long and we overtook the targets, and soon after the moat was conquered.

Now we were heading towards the tunnel systems. But have way we gotten an unwanted surprise from above. Wanted to take revenge for yesterdays trick of the Bandits, the enemy took shooting positions on top of the moat and took us out as sitting ducks.

After respawn we made it to the tunnel systems, and the attack of the village started. As happy we yesterday were with those sneaky sniper shots, and heavy gunners, the more we hated them today. But slow but steady with heavy gun fighting and a lot of smokes we slowly took the village, house by house, room by room, square feet by square feet.  At the  game end signal we ended up being almost there.

4 flags
In the afternoon there was some time for ‘regular’ paintball games. Four factions, four flags. One in each corner, you lose your flag, you lose the game. Can it be any simpler ?

As being the biggest faction the complete weekend, we were already planning the victory run through the village even before the start signal sounded. Our battle plan; Massive assault on the ‘greens’ to our left. They were with the least amount of players, so it should be a peace  a cake. After that split up, and make a tactical move around the other camps before we crush them.

Now comes the tricky part. We gambled that the ‘sands’ wouldn’t attack us (massively) but would do the same trick to the faction next to them. But when you gamble you have a chance you will lose everything. And that’s what happened. In our eagerness to go for a full victory we were first at our starting positions, this gave all the other faction leaders the opportunity to execute their evil master plan. When the start signal sounded for the game, a couple of us stayed behind to cover our flag. The rest build a massive assault on the ‘greens’, but the attack got stuck in the buildings. We got cross fired from the blacks. After the many outs we took, we encountered the next flaw in our plan. The ‘sands’ made a massive run on our flag.

Within 20 minutes of game time, almost all our players were standing shoulder to shoulder next to the respawn flag. With sands on our right, greens on our left, and black across the streets. We fought like we had nothing to lose (what was actually quit the right situation). But cornered by the three sides who teamed up, we humbly took our defeat.

Completely exhausted, completely out of air, paint and filled up with adrenaline it was time to call it a day. To call it a perfect weekend. And even to call it a perfect season!

We would like to bring a special thanks the following people
  • Guerrilla for the weekend
  • Shorline for organizing the weekend
  • Enyola for the smokes
  • The faction leaders, for not giving a shit about any moaning.
  • Tim Barnett for not giving a shit for (almost) getting ran over
  • Al Murray for giving us the special mission to unleash (paintball)hell
  • Fubar for the intense battles
  • Chun for the superb food
  • And all other players who made this weekend a intense weekend full with goods laughs and fun.
At the end of this season we would like to say a special thanks to our year round sponsors. Without you we would not be able to travel and play paintball as much as we did this year. And we are looking forward for next season!
Gun & Gear Sponsor
  • Planet Eclipse !
General sponsors
  • Fejo motors & scooters
  • Paintball Supplies NL
Paint Sponsor
  • GI Sports
  • Hasselhoff photography
  • Patchwerk
See you next season !
( or in the winter pre-lims at the Indoor NSC !)