Black Bandits NSC Final....

Completely exhausted we dropped ourselves in a chair after the intense first round of the Finals of the Dutch Scenario Competition, where the best four teams of the seasons are playing for the title.

This first round (2 games) was a though one for us. Fubar, the title holders since the existence of the NSC, against us, last year’s runner ups. This season we won two out of two games we played against them so they would be fully focused to pull this win this time.

Our breakout plan was to massively attack their home base instead of running for the swing base which is more the standard approach. But we miscalculated the running path towards the base and Fubar was able to shoot out three to four players at the breakout. At the next spawn we were able to recover and we kept hammering their bases with success. The Fubar team captain decided to call out a restart. This is always a tricky thing to do, it’s something you do when you have the feeling that you’re standing with your back against the wall. It will cost you 7 points but it can be a game changer.

Oh my god this is a killer as everyone has to run back to their deadbox within 30 seconds. And this Gasselte field is big! Real Big! But we were able to get back in time start the attack again but … completely exhausted.  Unfortunately we lost this first game with only three points. Three points, is 3 minutes on a clock… luck wasn’t on our side L.  So basically it was a tie, because three points is nothing and there was still a second game to go.

The second game started a little bit better, but we weren’t able to capture the swing and their home base. Fubar had a good defensive stance and we noticed that they captured one special and we didn’t have any yet. We kept trying and trying but we couldn’t get through. Because of this we decided to try a ALL OR NOTHING move. We called a restart ….and with success. We managed to pick up 2 specials just after the restart and were able to capture the swing base and Fubars home base. At the end when we checked the score we knew it would be very very close. But it was not enough…. We lost with 1 single point this game.

Round 1 against Fubar was therefore lost with only four points. Both teams were completely exhausted but all players came off the field with such a big smile. What a battle, what a final!

Round 2 we had to play against Praetorians who were defeated by Madball/Heat. The ´losers´ round is where you play for a third or fourth place. We didn’t have a lot of time to recover but we really wanted to go home with at least a cup. We had a great start of game 1 and we were able to capture a lot of points. We won this first game with 42 points which gave us a good basis for the next game.

The second game of Round 2 the Praetorians played hard and at a certain point they dominated the game. We knew that we had to push them back a.s.a.p. if we didn’t want to lose this round also. It took us a long long time to capture the swing base as they were defending it with all they had. But we were able to dominate it for 9 minutes of the total 30 minutes. And with a bit of calculation we knew we were on the safe side. We lost this game with 12 points but because we won the first game with 42 points so we won this round with 30 points.

A third place, a great result! Compared to last year the level of the Scenario Competition has increased significantly. Multiple sup-air teams and players who are playing on the higher international levels of sup-air joined scenario teams or played as sup-air team in this competition. We didn’t have an easy draw during our regular season but were still able to qualify for this final. We have learned a lot, improved a lot and so did our competitors. We are looking forward to next season where we can continue our development as team and players and increase the level of the Dutch Scenario Competition even more.

Thanks you El-Torro for marshalling this event and D19 Gasselte for hosting.
Thank you to all the sponsors supporting us this season! See you next year NSC! After a 2nd place in season 2012 and a 3rd place in 2013 it´s now time………..We are already looking forward for next years finals ;)

Final Ranking NSC Season 2013

1. Fubar
2. Madball/Heat
3. Black Bandits
4. Praetorians