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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Dynasty WIN in Moscow !

Russian has always been a mystery to both myself and Dynasty.  As travelers, we have always been interested in what the country has to offer and what the culture is really like.  As paintball players, we have wondered exactly what makes a Russian paintball player so effective.  When the team decided, at the end of last season, to pull out of the Millennium Series, we opted for a new type of international presence.  We spoke with our sponsors and we all came to agreement that the team would be just as valuable, promotional wise, if we attended four international events of our choosing, rather than the four Millenniums that we have been going to for almost a decade.  We saw this as a way to reach out to the more remote demographics of paintball and just play for fun in countries that haven't ever had a Dynasty team come out.  Russia was our first stop in our International tour.

We had a week planned out here to see some sights, take in the lay of the land, teach a few clinics and play in the Russian Xball league.  The city of Moscow is massive and with such a large city we weren't able to see everything, but we got the gist of it.  The Red Square with the St. Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin was unreal!  That would be the picturesque post card that most people associate with the country of Russia.  The rest of the city was more of an art deco time warp.  Buildings reminded me of a Ghost Busters movie mixed with the influence the movie, The Rocketeer.

The Russian Legion training facility was what we were most interested in though.  We had always thought of the place as a state of the art training place where Russian Pro players were pumped out on an assembly line.  For years, this was the spot to train if you wanted to become the top dog in Russian paintball.  However, the years had taken its toll on the field and some things had become a bit disheveled.  Not to say that it was a bad looking place though.  The facility itself had some amenities that I wish we had here in the states.  The team's had their own locker rooms with hot running water and a place to keep all their gear safe.  There was a restaurant at the field with a chef who could have rivaled any top chef from Eastern Europe.  The only thing that was out of place were the bunkers. They were a bit oddly sized and misshaped. 

The clinic was a bit smaller than what we were used to, but that was credited to the fact there was a large Russian holiday that weekend and everyone was partying on the coast or some other tropical destination, not playing paintball!!  But, we made the best of it and had an awesome time teaching the guys who were there.  The level of play in Russia is higher than normal. The guys were able to pick up our skills very quickly and implement them into game situations faster than normal.  That is always very impressive to see!!

The actual event was help over the weekend, and I have to say it was run so much smoother than any tournament I think I have ever been to!  I never saw one outburst of players screaming or yelling at each other.  No one was a problem on the sidelines.  everyone was much more better behaved than most other places we have been to!  the format was PSP Race to Five.  There were 16 teams entered in the event.  We had to call in reinforcements in the form of two Russian players, Sergey from Houston Heat and Victor from a local SPL team in the area.  We figured playing an Xball match in a foreign country would be tough with only five players.  Also, having local talent on the team helps when or if there is controversy seeing as none of us speak the language.  Both players were great and assimilated into our program very quickly and easily.  That is another Russian trait that these players posses, its amazing!

We played six games, with the final game against Russian Legion.  We beat them in a very tough game 5-3 and took home a HUGE cash prize of $10,000 USD!!!  They paid us with a fat stack of 100s!  Like I said earlier, this event was run without a hitch.  The scheduling was never off, the refs were fair and really good, and all of the players were very respectful and great sportsman.  The Event coordinators from the facility were also very nice.  I would like to extend my gratitude on behalf of the team to all of the Russian players, the RXL, Vitaley for organizing our trip, Larissa and Tania for being our translators, Sergey and Victor for helping us win, Jeff Trainer for keeping the team comfortable and ready to win, and of course our sponsors from HK ARMY and PLANET ECLIPSE, guerrilla air, paintball tickets, CP, for giving everything we need to WIN!!!

I can't wait for our next ADVENTURE!!!

Another Win for the Emortal Army :-)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

St. Louis Bandits ...Win Series At MPPL!

The St Louis Bandits (Mason Mendez, Nathan Jacobs, Nick Young, Wesley Buchanon, Andy Renick, Seth Jones, Zack Forshee and Richard Swanson) won 1st place at the D4 5 Man Tournament in Pekin Illinois Saturday.  This team of young players (youngest 14 and oldest 22) won First Place in the 3 Event series against 12 seasoned teams! They also took First for this 3rd event. The STL Bandits have less than 12 months of playing time under their belt as a team and this was only their 4th Tournament! The prize was the entry fee into World Cup in October plus cash and paint.  We are very excited about this win and the future of our young team!  

We definitely want to thank Planet Eclipse for the Geo 3's, Ego 11's and the new LV1!  The reliable markers made all of the difference.  No marker issues for the fast,  paced event and we rolled up in style and stayed organized with our new Planet Eclipse gear bags.  Thank you for the quality products and we'll see you in October at World Cup!

Follow St Louis Bandits on Facebook Here:

Well Done Guys !!!

Planet EcLIPSe Fantasy Football League - FREE TO ENTER !!!

It’s nearly time for the English Football Premier League (Or Soccer if your American :-) to kick off again… the 2013 / 2014 season is just around the corner, starting on 17th August..

This season Planet Eclipse have decided in conjunction with LiPs Paintball to host the:

‘Planet EcLIPSe FF League’.

It’s FREE to enter and can be a lot of fun, but very frustrating at the same time… To spice things up a little Planet Eclipse and LiPS have decided to give out a bunch of prizes… Don’t get too excited we are not going to be giving away LV1’s every week :-) but we will do some nice prizes for:

  • Manager of the month (Each Month)
  • First person to make 1000 points (highest points @ over 1000 at end of game week in case of multiple players breaking 1000 points in the same game week).
  •  Manager and Runner Up of the Season…

Winners will get their two 15 minutes of fame via the Planet Eclipse and LiPS Facebook pages…

So what you waiting for?? Come and join the fun…

Like we said it’s FREE to enter. I’ll try and explain what you need to do if you’re a Premier League Fantasy Football virgin….

So what do you do next?

First… Click this link and register an account:

Follow the normal type of opt in/ opt out info (newsletter etc)…. On the last page you need to click the “I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions” button, then click submit…

Then Re-Log in using the same e-mail and password you have just set-up…

Then click the “Visit Fantasy Premier League” (As below)……

It will then take you to your team selection page…. You need to pick a squad.. You have 100 Million to spend on 15 players…BUT, don’t worry as you can make as many changes as you like before the first day of the league (August 17th)… So just click “Auto-Complete” for now.

Once you have picked your squad, type in your team name….. (Nothing rude and remember this is the Planet Eclipse and LiPS League.. Inappropriate team names will be deleted.)

Click the ‘Agree with Terms and Conditions’ then 'Confirm' your team and you are away..

Now the last step is to join the IMC Fantasy League…

Click ‘LEAGUES’ See Pic below…



Click ‘ NEXT’ then enter the code for the Planet EcLIPSe FF League:

The code for the Planet EcLIPSe FF League is:

And that’s it… You will be starting on your path to fame, future and international stardom or at least a bit of fun when we aren’t out ballin…

If you have any questions check out the FAQ’s / Help / Rules section here:

Good Luck everyone..

Planet Eclipse and LiPS

Thursday, 25 July 2013


P8ntballer has been organising a good cause auction for one of our long time members Leezo, who, unfortunately is battling Leukaemia.

With an amazing responce from players and companies alike, we are pleased to announce the auction is now live!

Included are awesome items to suit every budget, from t-shirts and barrel socks to markers and event tickets, as well as some luxery, and exclusive items which may never be available again such as the first world cup winners plaque ever won by an EU team, and a roman shower enclosure!

From the bottom of our hearts, P8ntballer would like to thank every person and company who has helped to make this auction possible. There realy isn't a better cause than helping another member of the paintball family.

So hop on over to the following link: and get bidding! We have 3 pages of stuff so far, with more coming in every day, so check back regularly!

If theres nothing you would like to bid on, but would still like to help out, you can make a donation to via Paypal. Any amount is welcomed.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who is getting involved to help Leezo, and look forward to seeing your bids!

Many Regards

The P8ntballer Team....

***Latest (Sad) Update***

Just before 10pm last night, 23rd Jul 2013, Lee Robson passed away in his sleep. His sisters, fiancé, mum and dad were all present so he was not alone. Lee had been in the Bobby Robson Research Centre at Freeman Hospital for 5 days prior to this. He is one of life's angels that walked with us for a short time to help us all become better people.

We hope everyone will take a minute of their day to lend a thought to his family and friends.

The auction will continue. A gift to his kids from their dad, earned by living a good life. If you haven't had a chance to look yet, we highly encourage you to do so, you won't find a better cause.

Rest In Peace Lee. You will be missed.