Looking down the Road to No Ends.......

February 22nd and 23rd 2014

My first big event on my 2014 calendar will be the latest installment in the Road to No Ends series at Adventure Beach.  Each year this game combines elements of the classic scenario experience (creative missions with some role-playing and puzzle-solving) with the in-your-face action that teams have come to expect from Adventure Beach.  This year’s contest is shaping up to be a Dye vs. Eclipse event pitting sponsored generals from each company against each other.

Adventure Beach, located just a few miles from the ocean on the border of North and South Carolina, is one of my favorite paintball fields.  Where else can you find a great paintball town, woods, a pyramid, and a swamp all on the same field?  Also, while there are some predictable choke-points and battle fronts on the property, the field owner, Kevin Shimwell, delivers missions designed to push teams in new directions.  One mission might require a squad to find a hidden item in the maze of city buildings, but the next one could force teams to defend a building, attack from the woods, or airdrop into a hot zone.

The battles are always intense at Adventure Beach, but the Roads to No Ends games augment the game with an intellectual challenge.  One year the generals ran a series of missions to collect ceramic tiles that fit together to form a map of the field with the main treasure indicated.  Both sides rushed for the spot only to discover that they needed to collect a shovel to unearth the hidden item.  Imagine the intensity of trying to uncover a treasure in the midst of a massive shootout!

At this year’s game I will not only support the Eclipse general, but I’ll also bring a couple of ETHAs for any players (on the Eclipse side – or for any who want to defect to the winning team) who want to try them out.  The Eclipse Pro Tech Tour will also be in effect with tech mastermind Kris Wilson there to keep our guns blasting paint in the direction of the Dye team.  It’s going to be a great start to 2014!

The pictures in this post come from 2013’s Invasion of Japan scenario at Adventure Beach when foolybear guested with the Carolina Sabers.  Foolybear plays scenario paintball for Planet Eclipse and as part of Team Capital Offense.  His Instagram (@foolybear) is a steady stream of pictures of his paintball adventures.  You can also keep up with his travels on Twitter (@foolybear).  Field owners and game promoters – foolybear’s 2014 calendar is not yet set.  Contact him through Twitter to see if he can attend your event and report on it here.