Pub Crawl Anyone???

All we can say is ‘tanks’ for all the good times!

As our 20th year together as a truly functioning paintball team came to end, it seemed appropriate to tank a second and reflect on what made 2013 such a fantastic year for Pub Crawling and of course, to say tank you to Planet Eclipse for all their support!!

When it comes to tanks and tank you’s; we know that the sport we love can be like a roller-coaster, with a surprising mix of ups and downs. Having been in the sport for decades, the members of Pub Crawling have come together with this list of tanks. This list is completely incomplete and will inevitably omit some of those who deserve to be on it: sorry about that. 

On with the tanks. (only 10)

1.       Our parents; for feeling randy one evening long ago!
2.       Planet Eclipse from rescuing us from having paintball leave a bad taste in our mouth
3.       EMR Paintball Park for helping us to establish ourselves
4.       Duane ‘Kahuna’ Bell for believing in us as we believed in him
5.       The Mayberry Marauders for giving us a quick internship, o those many years ago
6.       Joint Fury and the UnHoly Alliance
7.       Ben Torricelli for trusting us
8.       Eric Engler for tolerating us
9.       DXS/Procaps/GIsportz for hanging in there
1.       Ronn and Don, the true splatbrothers

Now , as the 21st year begins for Pub Crawling; we start with a plan to play 2 new fields, our first ever trip to Louisiana, and a return trip to a field that holds a special place in our paintball hearts.

  • February 22/23 Bearclaw Paintball Tennessee MPP game
  • March  22/23 Paintball Command Louisiana MPP game
  • May 24/25 Wildfire Paintball Georgia MPP game
  • June 7/8 GRC Paintball New York Viper game
  • July…….TBD in New England/East Coast
  • August 9/10 Blast Camp Paintball Indiana Viper game
  • September 20/21 Sherwood Forest Indiana MPP game
  • November 15/16 Paintball Charleston South Carolina MPP game

Now this  year, the schedule is a bit shorter; only 8 games…but the commitment to traveling remains. However, the reason is: we have 6 engaged teammates, and we anticipate 4 weddings this calendar year. So, 8 games and 4 weddings; sounds about right for a pub crawl!

So Tanks to you all!
Oh, and if you’re wondering why all the tanks; well clearly we built a tank in 2013 on a 6wheel drive Polaris ranger with the expertise of Eric Engler and his custom paintball shop. And we’re still excited about this.

Finally, we found out that it takes Lemonade being forced to empty his wallet to make him nervous! Gotta love teammates!

We hope to see you out there in 2014, and to the very brave and resourceful: there’s Pub Crawling wedding’s to be crashed.