Dynasty Win the first event of the year !!

Ryan Greenspan tell us about Dynasty first event of the year....

We are starting to make a tradition of this; year two of our, now annual, trip to the first UWL of the year!  Last season Dynasty, with a newly revamped and fresh team, got the guys together early for a fun, team bonding game in the woods.  We ended up taking second place last year in the opening event, a great jumping point for a great season last year.  This year, so far, only differed from our placing…

The team is still lazily coming off our off season and we decided it should be fun to brush off some dust in the woods again.  A lot of people don't quite realize that the core of Dynasty started before an air ball bunker was even created, let alone ramping paintball markers!  So, we have a bit of experience in this area. 

For those unfamiliar with the UWL rules, there are five players on each team that include a "heavy gunner" who gets an uncapped fully auto marker. There's a "ranger" who gets to break out five seconds before the rest of the team, giving him a head start.  Then the rest of the roster is compromised of regular "Infantry" players possessing no real bonus perks.  The objective, like most games, is to secure a flag, or in this case flags.  There are two flags on either tape line along the 50 yard line which, when raised in your team's color, give you one point per minute.  Then there is one flag near each team's starting base which gives the opposing team 15 points when raised.  Then there are points awarded for each elimination and another bonus item hidden in the middle of the field worth another nine points.  It certainly takes some time to get used to, but it makes for a very fun game!

For Dynasty; Yosh, Tyler, Blake, Dalton, Brandon and I were there all draped out in camo and ready to rock the woods!  These events are much more laid back than a normal tournament and players seem to share more "war stories" with each other than your typical PSP event.  there is something about playing woods ball that really takes you back to the first time you played, there is a crazy bit of nostalgia.  You are more in the action it seems as every tree branch can frustratingly be in the way of a seemingly clear shot.  the spray from hiding behind a stick pile is intense.  There is a lot more riding on the side of the field you choose to start from because one side has more cover than the other. 

The event was run in just one round, with the final game being between us and the GI Factory team comprised of Dave Bains, bear Degidio, Alex goldman, Damian Ryan and Rainy Stanzack.  This was certainly our toughest game.  It came down to a crazy fire fight and a timed reincarnation which allowed both teams to come back in full force.  Luckily, for us, Yosh and Brandon had pushed through to their flag base in in the first half to secure the 15 points, along with blake and Tyler grabbing each 50 yard line flag for the duration of the game.  It came down to Dalton, in his last day as a Dynasty player, coming through and stopping Damian Ryan from "back dooring" us!  

The end was a great win for us, but most of all, it was fun and that is what paintball is at the end of the day; a fun game played with your friends!

Thanks to Tom Cole for organizing this event.  Thank you to Planet Eclipse for outfitting us with the perfect woods ball markers.  Thank you to HK ARMY for creating some great scenario gear for the team to experiment with. And thank you to The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton and Paintball Tickets for giving us a fun set of both tournament parks and woods ball fields to play on!

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