Heat In the Woods !!

After our first year in the NCS (Dutch woodsballing competition)

Amsterdam HEAT has set up a competitive woods team with the surprising

name: HEAT Tactical. With a different form factor from last year our

dedicated woodplayers entered the 1st leg of the Dutch Scenario

Competition. Having gained substantial knowledge of the rules, play

types, objectives and field knowhow over the past year, we felt

confident entering the tournament scenery. 7 vs 7, 4 games, 30

minutes each, specials, rocketlaunchers, great weather, plenty of GI

4- star paint and some old grudges we had to settle from last year.

All in all a perfect example off modern-day topnotch woodsballing.

Our assemble of the day was stacked with Amsterdam HEAT OG’s, varying

from Walter Troost ( a very mediocre comedian), Floris Keizer

(notoriously famous overshooter) and Reda Sumtinsumtin (clueless but

fast rookie of the year) where to join mix along side our seasoned

squad of HEAT Tacticians as Irving (loudmouth), Harry ( the

calculator) and Roland (back from the death), all in all stand-up lads

as they would say across the puddle.

First game of the day was against ChaosCompany, a new formed hybrid

(we love to see supair teams go hybrid) combined out off supair team

Chaos and woods team Bad Company. We whooped their asses the first 7

minutes! After that it was a steady slope downhill for us, losing

body after body and even being faced with total huminila… domination

by their part, forcing us to make uber, duber, incredibly calculated

strategic move from our part; asking for a total restart of the game

and paying with our own blood (-7 points). Smart thing to do, with

little result as we lost game by one point. Note to self; leave all

(even the seemingly insignificant) math-stuff to Harry (the


Our second game was against our longtime friends FUBAR. FUBAR ‘stole’

last years title from us, by playing some excellent ball and showing

us (stuck-up sup air players) that a well-oiled woods team can kick

any teams ass on any given Sunday. Unfortunately for them, we brought

our A-game. We dodged some of the rocket launchers they’ve utilized

(thanks to the head reff for head butting the missile back to its

originator ;) ). We quickly gained dominance on the swingpoint and

slow played it from there on.

Off to our last set of back2back games. We found ourselfs matched up

against El Torro and Paintballer Unit. To seasoned woodball teams

known for their aggressive approach. In both cases we where able to

maintain our stronghold positions on the swingpoint and managed to

keep our anchors (sentry gunners) a live and kicking for the

remainder of the game. Overall two quick and dirty wins against two

incredibly aggressive teams led to incredibly fun and existing games.

To top the day off, we had accumulated enough points for a 1st place

finish. HEAT Tactital is incredibly happy with it’s first podium

finish and we are looking forward to the next event. A big Round of

applause for the organisation of the NSC and the greatest (we know of)

Dutch scenario field: D19 in Gasselte!

Forever yours,

Adham (I finally washed my gear) Laamraoui

Another Win for the Emortal Army !!!