Ryan Greenspan Pro Clinic in Cancun

Ryan Greenspan has been on the forefront of paintball promotions for over a decade now.  Along with playing in the world'a most prestigious events, traveling around the world is one of the incredible highlights of a professional career.

On his world tour is a stop in Cancun. "I am fired up for any new place to play and explore paintball. I love to travel and teach, especially.  Cancun is a new place for me to check out so I am eager to see the level of play down there! Can't wait!" -Ryan Greenspan The 2 best paintball fields in Cancún get together to bring a new, incredible experience to Mexico.

Tactico Delta and Extreme Central have been known for pushing the boundaries in extreme sports and for always trying to promote paintball in the south of Mexico. They have big scenario fields and are the only ones with speedball layouts. They also have the only store in the south of Mexico with a tech center.

The APC organizes tournaments and events to promote and to help paintball grow by introducing the sport in new places in the most professional way there is so that players in Cancun feel what its like and get motivated and actualy have a reason to go train and see paintball not just as a hobby but as the lifestyle it really is.

We think that having a dynasty pro paintball clinic in Cancun will improve the level of the players and also push them to train harder and to open a bridge between Local players and professional USA paintball.