5 minutes with Carl 'Microwave' Markowski.

Everyone's talking about Chicago Aftershock right now, heck, we're even making our latest season of The Roster all about them. So we thought we'd catch up with possibly the fastest and most explosive man in paintball right now, Carl ‘Microwave’ Markowski to ask him some quick-fire questions.

Hey Carl, we know you’re always in a rush so we’ll keep this quick.

Are you actually the fastest man in paintball right now? Who’d give you a run for your money?
I don't like to claim that I'm the fastest but I like to think that I'm one of the  fastest in the league. The only guy that I have raced and stayed with me step for step was Mouse from the Ironmen.

Why Microwave?
Microwave was a nickname I've had since I played on Tippmann Effect back in 2003. I was told that I 'heat things up' on the field, lol.

For those who don't know, how long have you played with Chicago Aftershock?
I've been playing with Aftershock since the Chicago event last year (2013).

You shoot an LV1 (great choice by the way) and have such a cool design on it. Why did you choose the LV1 and what does the design mean to you?

The LV1 definitely brings a confidence to my game. It's a big deal to me knowing that I can just pick it up and it will be super consistent every time I use it. It's smooth, reliable and on point and definitely makes my job easier. The design? I wanted something different on my LV1 than everyone else. The graphic represents being swift and deadly. If that makes any sense.

And H2K, tell us a bit about what that means.
H2K (Hard 2 Kill) was just something I've told myself to be ever since I started playing paintball.

The team's smashing things up at the moment and seems to be getting some good momentum, how long before Aftershock becomes a super-power in the Champions Division?
I feel that we're already making waves in the league and nipping at the heels of the top teams. This team has gotten better and better with each event and I believe it will be sooner rather than later that Aftershock will be on top again.

You guys are the focus of Season 3 of The Roster, how does it feel to be documented? 
I think it's great that Planet Eclipse chose us to be the focus on their film series! Dan always does great work and I can't wait to see how everything comes together.

There’s a LOT of buzz around this season, and so much love for Aftershock at the moment. Do you think this is because of the underdog tag you guys have or more because the history behind the team is starting to show signs of coming back to life?
A bit of both. I think we just have that feeling on the team that players around the world can relate to. This team has a great history but it's time for the Aftershock of today to make their own history.

Paintball Access is such a huge deal for the future of paintball right now. As a baller with the ‘excitement factor’ do you feel this helps you play better as a paintballer and as a team? Do you consciously go out there to put on a show, as well as win games?
The webcast really helps out with going back and watching other teams and fixing mistakes. When I play I just try and have fun but winning no matter what is definitely on my mind when I'm out there.

Chicago is the next round of the PSP and is the hometown event, for the team. Are you guys feeling the pressure to perform?
As far as I'm concerned I'm going into this event like all the others...beat everyone and win! It would be great to win in front of family and friends so they can see the reason why we do what we do.

Finally, any words of wisdom for ballers of all ages out there who wanna follow in your footsteps?
Practice, practice, practice! The more repetitions behind your gun the more prepared you will be when it matters on the field. If you really want something you have to work hard for it and believe in yourself that you can accomplish it.

Thanks for your time Carl, you and the team are huge reasons for people to tune in to the Paintball Access webcast that’s for sure. Any last words?
I really want to thank all the Shock fans out there and all of our sponsors for sticking with us and believing in this team.

Good luck in Chicago, we’ll all be rooting for you.