Another Tsunami !!!!

It all started the weekend before the event when we got our new jerseys. They looked awesome and everyone was happy and loving the new design. We were pumped up and focused on the next event of the Colombian Tournament CCP. It was a very important tournament for us because it was on our hometown and because there was a professional U.S team playing in our division.

The preliminary brakets were sorted out and our matches were one of the hardest in the division. We finished day 1 with a win and a loss, so for day 2 we knew we had to win both matches to move on to the semi finals.

 The drive and the focus of the team was still intact, everyone knew what to correct, and were supportive with each other as we always do. Our friend and guest player from fellow Planet Eclipse team Dynasty, Ollie Lang, helped us a lot to keep our heads up, and guided us amazingly well.

So next day we had to face the LA Ironmen, an American professional team that has some of the best players in the world on their roster, in a must win situation. Despite that our rivals had a 4-0 score against every team they faced (the top 4 in the league) we knew our jobs and we were determined to make history. The first point was a really long point, but we were able to win it with 5 players alive. For the second point we rushed it a little bit, and we lost a 3 on 1, reminding us how dangerous our rivals were.

So for the third point, we kept the focus and ended up on a 2 on 2 with some of our amazing core members, who have been here since the inception of the team: Pedro PatiƱo and David Ramirez. They ended up taking out the two Ironmen players and hanging the flag with 1 second left in the clock giving us the awesome win against such a superior opponent, at least on paper.

The next match was against the last years ranking champions. Everyone was really focused on our goal, beating a Pro team was a huge emotional boost, so we ended up taking that one and moving on to the next round.

It was the semifinals now, and unfortunately the weather was showing no sings of getting better, so we were forced to play in an inclement rain. However, we have the best guns in the world, and were able to shoot people and play a decent game against the champions of last event. After a 1-1 score, we had the wining flag with 4 players alive, but didn’t have enough time to hang it. The same story happened in the overtime point, so we went to the one on one stage.  Our first player David Ramirez ended up tying it. Our second player was ready for the next point but it was really dark and pouring out rain, so the refs took the decision of ending the match and decided that the team that moved on, by tiebreakers was us.

So with that amount of rain and no light, the finals against the LA Ironmen were impossible to play. Since, we were the only team in the whole event to score a point and beating them, the winner was decided by overall points. However, we were tied in that matter and what definitely decided the winner was our victory against them.

We want to thank our amazing sponsor Planet Eclipse, without their help, this couldn’t have happened. Shooting the best markers on the world is key for us because it keeps us focus and confident to Never Lose a Game!