Bandits can handle the Heat !!!!

Time for action. It is the opening leg for the Bandits! 

The field of Flevoland paintball was a well known field for a couple of our players, and was very close to our loyal sponsor

At arrival the the sky was blue and clear of any clouds. The weather predictions were good, so the bandits arrived happy. 

Our first game was against El Torro Devils, they were playing at their home field. So we prepared for a fierce battle. With a quick and solid game plan the bandits stormed the field at the start signal. Our game plan worked. G’s were dropping left and right. After 30 mins of gameplay the Bandits walked off the field with a big smile on their faces. We love it when a plan comes together.  A clear victory 9  vs  90 pts. 

The second game of the day was against a new team called Mayhem. They had some experience in the Belgium Scenario Competition, but were new to the Dutch competition. We didn’t know what to expect.  But our game plan worked that well, so we decided not to change it.  Just like the first game, we started to storm the playing field, and soon after the start the first G’s dropped everywhere on the field. With an even bigger smile than the first game we walked off the field. The scores were  10 vs  97 pts. 

After the lunch, we had to play a battle against a more experienced opponent, Heat Tactical. Last season we didn’t win any off the battles against them. And after them winning the European Cup last big event, and playing very good at the Sup air competition they were on a winning streak. So we knew in order to win this game, we must play at our top level. We decided to compile a complete new battle plan.  We gambled a bit in our game plan. Light in the middle and strong on both flanks. After the start signal we all jumped to our stands, the rocket was fired to open up one flank. The heat assault team was struck, G’s dropped. This major loss of players on the Heat side caused complete chaos on their part. On that chaos the Bandits fought their way to victory. The first victory over the European champions ended in a 72 vs 26 pts win for the Bandits. 

The last game of the day was a flip-toss game. We tossed the El Torro Devils. After winning all of our games we were in a winning mood. Even a called restart of the El Torro Devils didn’t break our game plan. The game ended in a stunning victory of 101 VS -5 pts. 

After a hot day the Bandits now took first place at this leg and are leading in the Dutch Scenario Competition. Four out of four games were won, a flawless victory..  

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for making this possible for us !

Planet Eclipse, to let us rock the NSC with awesome LV1’s and GEO3.1’s performing great in freezing snow, and shuddering heat. for the transport of the equipment and all the support!

And Paintball supplies, for the general support and the supplies of the great 4* GI Paint.

Leg results

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