Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger - 2014 Game Calendar

As most people know by now, Eclipse's own scenario slayer, Jason "foolybear" Lineberger, puts together his preliminary event calendar for the year of great events for those who like to rock the scenario scene.  In 2014 his path of destruction encompasses scenario events that range from 8 to 24 to even some 36 hour games!  At most of the games listed below, foolybear will be taking the field with his team, Capital Offense, but he's also looking for a few games to tackle as a lone wolf, so look for changes to the calendar as the year progresses.
As foolybear attends these events, you'll be able to read his game coverage right here. You can also follow his paintball musings on Twitter (@foolybear) and see his latest paintball photographs on Instagram under the same name (@foolybear-Instagram). If you spot foolybear at a game, be sure to say hello and invite him to run a mission with your team, there's a good chance that your squad could be featured here as well!

2014 Calendar of events:

February 22-23: Road to No Ends at Adventure Beach Paintball
March 1:  Wild West Game at Line-of-Fire
March 22-23:  Fallout - Goldrush at Boss Paintball
April 11-13:  Rise of Empire Splatbrothers
May 17-18 Operation Ramadan at Command Decisions Wargames Center
June 28:  Monty Python and the Holy Grail at Line-of-Fire
July 14-18: Paintball Summer Camp at Line-of-Fire
August 20:  Walking Dead at Command Decisions Wargames Center
September 13:  Walking Dead at Line-of-Fire
September 27-28:  Turf War at The Swamp
October 25-26:  Game of Thrones at Bearclaw
November 8-9:  Fulda Gap at Command Decisions Wargames Center
November 15-16:  War of the Worlds Paintball Charleston (MPP)
December 13 Santa Vs. The Grinch - Line of Fire