The Roster Season 3: Chicago Aftershock - 5 days and counting.

The Countdown To Chaos has officially begun!

Season 3 of our awesome documentary series, The Roster, takes you on a no-holds-barred journey with the legendary Chicago Aftershock as they battle to strengthen their squad AND fight to maintain a stable and competitive roster throughout the 2014 PSP series.

Over the course of six monthly episodes, see how a team with no access to state-of-the-art facilities or deep-pockets battles to win, to stay positive and simply stay together.

Episode 1: From Sweden With Love.
Over 60 players from around the world descend on Paintball Explosion Indoor despite another Midwest snowstorm as Chicago Aftershock begin pre-season activities with an open tryout. 

How can you watch it?

Season 3: Episode 1 will be available on our Planet Eclipse Vimeo On demand channel from Tuesday 17th June with the following viewing options available:

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You can pay for a season pass of The Roster for $9.99 (which will also give you exclusive bonus content as well as the $$$ saving).
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So what are you waiting for?

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