Adrenaline can help overcome most things !!!!

Battered, bruised but not out.... Team Adrenaline raced to a great second place victory in the Manitoba Speedball League, July 26th, with a team of injured players!

With Steven running and gunning with 10 stitches in his right arm and Dore with his chin still healing from an unfortunate diving accident last event both of these players pulled out every stop to keep their opponents heads down and the game moving. The injuries don't stop there, Matty had just had reconstructive surgery on his wrist and the Team Captain, Eden, played on with a blown out knee and pinched nerve in his back.

With Eclipse guns pointed up, they were able to lock down key areas of the field early on and point after point bring their opponents to the ground.

Awesome work and kudos to playing on with so many injuries, Team Adrenaline!

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