The new GEO3.5 - The lowdown.

After much speculation, rumour-mongering and the usual online shenanigans the GEO3.5 has finally landed. Our master engineer, Jack Wood, says that the GEO3.5 is more than just another model number, so we put him under the microscope...Jack Bauer style!

Hey Jack, that's a pretty sweet looking GEO in your hands, but we're gonna cut to the chase, people want answers. What's new with this version, other than a great looking piece of kit?
JW: We were really pleased with how the GEO3.1 was received and how it performed in all types of playing scenarios and conditions, but then the GSL happened and we knew straight away that we needed to make the performance uplift of that marker more accessible to a wider range of players. That's what we have here.

The GSL was the 'if anything was possible' super limited marker wasn't it? What was so different about that to a regular GEO?
JW: Other than the cosmetic differences with the GSL, we spent a lot of time creating two very important operational upgrades to the platform, the IV Core drivetrain and the quick-release bonnet. On the face of it they appear to be simple, functional marker elements, but the difference they made to the GEO was incredible. And very noticeable. Instantly.

IV Core?
JW: It's the name we gave to the complete bolt assembly which consists of the bolt tip, the can, propshaft assembly and valve chamber. It's the part of the engine that makes the magic happen and helps players cover other players in paint.

So what was so different about how the GSL performed?
JW: The implementation of the IVCore in the GSL elevated the GEO platform to a whole new level. It had a quieter sound signature, had a softer shot too making it even better on brittle paint (which the GEO is already great with) and feel even better to shoot. But most of all gave us a significant jump in air efficiency. All of which turned out to make a huge and very noticeable difference to the player on the field. The quick release addition was to make it even easier for player to access, strip down and maintain the bolt assembly throughout an event or at the start/end of each day if they needed to. The quick-release is effortless to use and I think it transforms the look of the gun. It completes the package.

Is the GEO3.5 a baby GSL then?
JW: Yes and no. The GSL is still a vastly refined and rare piece of paintball equipment and nothing will come close to it as a complete package. The quality of the GSL, the man hours we spent on design and development and the attention to detail in the finishing and assembly of every component will always mean that the GSL is a very special marker. However, the improvements we made in terms of how the GEO operated in the GSL format were that impressive that we essentially couldn't ignore it. The IVCore delivered way more than we hoped it would when we first delved into the concept. The 3.5 is a case of taking some of that essential technology, reworking it and adapting it to create a more complete and accessible GEO that anyone can use to keep them ahead of the competition.

Do you have a favourite 'part' of the GEO3.5?
JW: That's a weird question. As a geeky tech guy it would be easy for me to say the IVCore drivetrain, based on its sheer performance, but I actually love how we've made the quick-release bonnet look like it was always there. If you know what I mean?

Thanks for that Jack, always good get your thoughts on the latest and greatest, and not as boring and geeky as we thought actually. Even Ryan was vaguely interested too.

Say goodbye Jack.
JW: Goodbye Jack.

The GEO3.5 is out now, in 6 delicious colour options. For more technical specifications of the package and other juicy stuff check out

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