UWL - Mexico . . . . It's On !!!!

The UWL has been growing around the world and for the first time last month they have now expanded into Mexico. This is a great step forward for Paintball in Mexico to see another established league get set up in Mexico for the players down there. The first UWL México at Dragon Gotcha was a total success, with 10 teams playing both divisions 5 vs 5 and 10 vs 10. Players got to know the game format and loved it. Raul Ibarra, UWL Mexico Organizer, and Tom Cole are always on top of things, so how could it have gone wrong?  With such success at the very first event we look forward to seeing more teams attend the next events. 

Congratulations to all teams that showed up: La Legión Tamaulipeca (Recond2 and Defensores 1829), Bastardos, Shinigamis, Todo Gotcha, Gotcha México, Raptors, Dragones de México Alpha and Beta, Gotcha School and Carpinteros.
The first UWL Event is over, but luckily for all woodsball lovers it is just the beginning for the UWL México.

10 vs 10
1. Legión Tamaulipeca
2. Bastardos
3. Dragones de México

5 vs 5
1. Raptors
2. Bastardos
3.Todo Gotcha

For More information on the UWL Mexico please contact Raul Ibarra or visit the links below

Raúl Ibarra
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ID: 42*15*137496
Cel: 5519389264