Our teams CAN stand the heat.

Every now and then we'll have someone send us a picture that makes us feel awesome. Sometimes it'll be from a brand lover, a team or a player but generally people we have connection with. And we love it. We love to see people using our gear whether they're enjoying it, winning with it, looking good with it or whatever, it's just great to see and makes us feel good. But, we'll sometimes receive an image that makes us feel SUPER-AWESOME and I'm sure you'll all agree that the image here is pretty cool.

The image is of Andrew "Jiggs" Sajdera who plays with one of our Stateside teams - Team Capital Offense and as you can see he's jumping over a fire pit. Why not huh?

He's taking part in something called the Spartan Race, which is made up of different endurance competitions similar to Tough Mudder and the likes, with obstacles and challenges thrown into the mix. The events range between 3+ miles (Spartan Sprint), 8+ miles (Super Spartan), 12+ miles (Spartan Beast) and 26+ miles (Ultra Beast) in distance and cover all kinds of terrain. ESPN describe the events as 'A true test of will.'

If you run all 3 Spartan Races within a calendar year you are awarded a 'Spartan Trifecta' for your efforts, as well as the chance of a double and triple Trifecta too :-O

All that aside, we absolutely love the fact that our man 'Jiggs' is running a 12+ mile Spartan Beast, in 104 degree heat, leaping over a fire pit and wearing one of our Pro-Formance tees.

And to top that off, he earned his first Spartan Trifecta within 3 months - Sprint in July, Super in August and Beast in September.

All we can say is "We salute you Andrew 'Jiggs' Sajdera" there aint no way we'd be getting Ledz, or any of us for that matter, doing something like this. Well, not yet anyhow.

Have you got any amazing pics of you wearing our gear in incredible surroundings? We'd love to see them. Message us on Facebook with your pics.


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