Not on the Trash Heep yet !!!!

The Heep is a beginner level speedball team representing Trash Heep’s Paintball Pros that competes in the R&M Summer Series (RMSS). RMSS is a novice level league dedicated to introducing new players to the PSP style format under the guidance of a few experienced speedball players. The Heep is led by captain Megan Pessarchick and co-captain Mike Chipper, both of whom also compete in the higher level R&M Xball League (RMXL) on the Trash Heep’s Paintball Pros more advanced team, Binghamton Legacy. Under the guidance of Megan and Mike, the other players have come very far in terms of developing their personal skills and their skills as a team. The Heep took first place in the 2014 RMSS season, competing at R&M Paintball in Owego, NY and Third Alarm Paintball in Marathon, NY.

The 2014 roster for The Heep is Megan Pessarchick (captain), Mike Chipper (co-captain), Amy Pessarchick, John Sweeney, Dillon Havner, and Richard Gleason, as well as subs Michael Terry and Nick Kohler.

As stated before, The Heep is the RMSS team representing the bigger group Trash Heep’s Paintball Pros, which participates in all types of paintball. Trash Heep’s Pros’ goal is to not only expand the sport of paintball, but also encourage new players of all ages, skill levels, genders, and backgrounds to have the best experience possible in paintball. We want players to enjoy the sport in a safe, responsible way. Trash Heep’s Pros is a group, team, and family who really share a passion and love for the sport. We hope to continue bringing players into The Heep and to make this team a stepping stone for players’ futures in the sport.

We also want to give special thanks to Planet Eclipse and Virtue Paintball for supporting Trash Heep’s Paintball Pros and the teams within it. We would also like to give special thanks to Jjones Photography for taking amazing photographs of us and the other teams during the RMSS and RMXL season.

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