SLC Faction . . . The Journey Continues.

At Faction the number one thing is to have fun. If you don't enjoy what your doing why are you doing it. One of the foundational ideas of our team has always been developing new players. For us, that's fun.  Over the past year we've been focusing on just that. Building and developing players. This philosophy is one of the main reasons we are so proud to be a Planet Eclipse team. 

We have found over the years that we've been with Eclipse that they too are dedicated to finding and developing the new player and fostering an environment of support. With Planet Eclipses supprot we have been able to focus on basic skills, advanced skills, teamwork, communication and truly understanding the game of paintball. When you know that your equipment is going to work every time you step on the field you're free to concentrate on the task at hand. Eclipse not only invests in us but invests in our local community as well and we've seen positive results every time we play.

We've had several new players join the team and we've seen them come along way. Our ability to focus on them and building our team has really given us an advantage and helped us develop what we call the SLC Faction Player Development System. This new system has allowed us to expand our team and we felt it was time to test out how far these new players have come. 

The UPL in Las Vegas was the perfect place to see how the system was working. So when the opportunity arose for us to play we took it. We coupled several of our new players with some of our seasoned veterans and fielded a strong team. 

We started out slow and dropped our first match. It happens. With new players and even veterans you have to be able to look at whats working, what's not and make adjustments quickly. New players sometime have a hard time adjusting to the speed of the game and the environment of a tournament. With that in mind we focused our new players on simple tasks and communication. The impact was immediate. 

The next match we took them out and got the win. It was great to see everyone come together as a team and implement the skills we had drilled on all summer. The next two matches didn't go as planned and we dropped two close matches that could have gone either way. 

All in all we are happy with the results. We didn't take a team down to dominate, we took a team down to gain experience. Experience, time on the field or behind the gun, is the best way to learn. And learn is what our players did. Each one came away with a new respect for the tournament scene. From the organization required in the pit, the communication on the field, to the importance of having well maintained and excellent equipment, these guys really gained and appreciation for all things paintball and all things Planet Eclipse. 

It has been our pleasure to be associated with such a premiere company who understands our core values as a team. Who realizes that winning is the goal but the journey to the podium is what gets you there. 

We can't wait to the next event as we'll take every lesson learned and apply it making sure that each event builds on the last. 

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