Planet Eclipse, and paintball, hit a home run!

It wasn't too long ago that we'd read about some MotoX guys taking time out from their sport to play some paintball in their downtime...and they had a blast! Things are stepping up a notch and now the BIG leagues are getting involved.

Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals took a little time out in their off-season to try their hand at paintball and just like the MotoX guys, they absolutely loved it.

PEV's paintball park hosted their day and our man Todd looked after them very well, hooking them up with our HDE clothing to make them look and feel the part. After a mixed day of training and games the players enjoyed it so much that a number of them were already planning trips to their local parks to get into the game a more when their baseball seasons end.

We love to see stars from other sports getting involved in paintball and pretty much every person that hits the field gets the paintball bug. Which is how we all started out right?

If anyone hears of more stories like this please give us a shout; we'd love to hear about it.

And for all your baseball fans out there, or noobs to the game, you can check out the team on their website:

Washington Nationals - MLB