Team DATIS take the win!

The paintball bug is something that unites us all in this game and it's awesome to see our teams taking the crown in their respective leagues, wherever in the world they may be and in whatever format.

One of our latest victories was in the Iranian National Paintball League (INPL) by team DATIS, who took the win from one of their closest rivals in what was a pretty close game. The INPL follows a game format that they call I-Ball, which is derived from XBall.  Two 15 minute halves are played out, with 2 minute breathers between points and 5 minutes between halves. The game ends when one team has a clear 7 points spread over their opponents or the time runs out, meaning there can be some pretty high scoring matches. DATIS' finals game ended up 11-8.

Paintball truly is a global sport and something shared by everyone, and we are always excited to see where our teams play and how they progress.

Here's wishing Team DATIS another kick ass year in 2015.