Team Malaysia, Please Stand Up !

The players for Team Malaysia were selected from the top local team by a committee of Mr Rezal Jamaluddin, Captain of team Nemesis and the President of the Malaysian Paintball Federation, TC Gan, Owner of team Raskal and Skirmish paintball Asia and Mr Kevin Wong, team Owner of Xtionners and Napshot Paintball. An initial pool of 25 players were named and the final 10 players were selected based on their performance, playing experience and fitness.

Team Malaysia was re-named Team Harimau Malaysia or the Malaysian Tigers as Tiger is the National symbol of Malaysia denoting strength, courage and cunning. The 10 selected players, 5 Planet Eclipse sponsored players from team Raskal, 3 from team Xtioneers and 2 from team DRX is sponsored by Skirmish Paintball Asia and Gelkaps with Ignite tournament paintballs and Xtion Paintball Centre for their training session.

Team Harimau Malaysia started their Nation Cup games with a good win over team New Zealand with a 4-1 score. They then met team Iran and overcame then in a exciting game of 3-2. All Nation Cup games were played in the evening and some games finished at 11.00pm which is very taxing and tiring for players who has played since the early morning. On Day 2 - Saturday, team Harimau Malaysia played team Kuwait and despatched them with a score of 4-1. 

Their next game was one of the most exciting and most challenging for team Harimau Malaysia since they were to play team USA in the Nation Cup Semi Finals who has on their team roster, the likes of, Damian Ryan of Infamous, Danny Park of Impact, Ryan Smith of Houston VCK, Tim Montressor, Greg Siewer of Houston Heat, Bear Degidio and Jerry Desiarieux. This was to be overwhelming for team Harimau Malaysia but what they lack in exposure and experience they made up for in courage. With the whole crowd supporting them team Harimau Malaysia come out shooting and took the 1st point from USA. Team Harimau Malaysia lost the 2nd point but took the lead again with the 3rd point. USA came back to take the 4th point to draw the game but with 1 minute and 29 seconds on the clock. Team USA with their vast experience and professional players finally overcame team Harimau Malaysia with 20 seconds on the clock. This was the most exciting game for Team Harimau Malaysia and I am very proud of how my team played. The Final game of the Nation Cup for 3rd and 4th placing was against team Australia and with the fires still in the Tiger’s belly, they crushed the Aussies 4-1 to claim 3rd placing for the Langakwi 2014 Nations Cup.

I would like to thank our sponsors, Ledz of Planet Eclipse for the fantastic Geos and Egos, Gelkaps Sports and Skirmish Paintball Asia for the awesome Ignite paintballs. Thank you

TC Gan - Team Coach for team Harimau Malaysia


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