CBP - Brasil !!

Had a chance to visit soccers mecca,Brasil,but this time it was for Paintball! 

The city of Sao Paolo was host to the last leg of the 2014 Circuito Brasileiro do Paintball(CBP)..
The organizer of the event is none other than Rodrigo Fukuoka,owner of MegaPlay Paintball and Danilo Scalize/Field Manager..Over 30 teams from all over the country came to take a crack at being champion.

Some of the teams supported by Planet Eclipse included PapalettoTeam,Papaletto Dark,Bushido,Mega Redskins,MegaPlay Bonzai,BOOM,and Arsenal just to name a few.

Games started early Saturday morning and the weather was incredible for paintball, a cool 60°f was the high for the weekend..The field was is a lil smaller than regulation so played very fast and saw aggressive games. Quick bumps from bunker to bunker was the rule of the day as teams ran each other down..

After the first day of games it was out for a lil night in the beautiful concrete jungle.

Sunday morning games cracked off about 8:00am and teams were on deck ready for battle.
The referees were great handling juducial duties on the battlefield. By sunset in the Open Division it was 1st:Jungle Boyz /2nd:Ninjinhas /3rd:PapalettoTeam..

Top honors in the Amateur Division 1st:Papaletto Dark /2nd:Chacais /3rd:Lethal

Additionally ,congratulations to Papaletto Dark,series champion of the CBP Amateur Division.
On behalf of Planet Eclipse we would like to say congratulations to our supported teams for their dedication and support. 

Be sure to prepare for CBP 2015,
Planet Eclipse gots your Back!!!