Cementing Relationships

Team Xklibur and Tsunami, from Ecuador, decided that they wanted to play one last time before the year was over. They packed their gear and then they were off to Lima Peru to play in the last scenario game of the year. 

They joined forced with team LPC from Peru and they were on a mission to make sure their team was able to complete the missions together. The event was held in an old abandoned cement factory were the mission was to capture and hold on to the flags for a period of 30 minutes.

The mission started off the way we all expected it and our Eclipse team was able to capture and hold on to 4 out of the five flags. The second game was lost by the Eclipse team, with only holding on too two flags out of the 5. The third point was played with different rules were the purpose was to hold the position of the three center flags and not let the other team capture them. The Eclipse team once again executed this and did not allow any of the flags to be taken.

The next game was the Eclipse team trying to take over the three flags were they were able to capture 2 out of the three flags giving them the game and wining them the tournament.

 Excalibur and Tsunami would like to thank eclipse for the gear that held up even with the really demanding desert scenario. The guns shot great. PLANET ECLIPSE FOR LIFE....ONE WORLD ONE PLANET