Get Back In The Fight, with an Eclipse Winter Tune-Up.

Winter is upon us and what better time to get your Planet Eclipse marker checked, serviced and tuned ready for next season.

The Planet Eclipse Pro-Tech-Tours offer you a “Get you back in the fight” service at events like, CPPS, Paintfest, Staargate, North vs South, etc. However, nothing compares to a full strip-down service at the factory that built your favourite marker (that's us by the way). With all working o-rings and detents replaced and everything lubed, tuned and tested to perfection, everything will be spot on for when you hit the field next season.

To make this as easy as possible you can take your marker into any of the following stores: Bluewater, BZ Paintball, Fat Bobs, Just Paintball or LiPS who'll ship your marker to Planet Eclipse for you. Once your marker has been serviced we will return it to the store for you to pick up. If you don’t want to use your local store feel free to send your marker directly to us and we will return it back to you once it’s been serviced (for an additional fee).

So, what do you get in your service??

Full strip down service including:
  • POPS/OOPS - lubricating the insert. O-rings replaced
  • Check and fix macroline fittings. Change the #010 and #006 rings inside the fittings.*
  • Replace macroline.*
  • Replacing AT Pipe O-Rings and check assembly*
  • In-line regulator: replace and lubricate the piston O-ring. Replace and lubricate the inline adjuster screw assembly orings. Replace inline adjuster seal.
  • Clean and test the BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System).
  • Replace Ball Detents.
  • Check and service the solenoid assembly.
  • Replace and lubricate all bolt/drivetrain assembly O-rings.
  • Ego and Etek markers: check and lubricate the LPR assembly and replace the O-rings. Replace and lubricate the rammer O-rings.
  • Shipping to us and back to your local store.
* Only if you marker has these parts.

And it doesn't just stop there!

As well as this, we also want to offer you something extra. Whenever something goes wrong everyone blames their marker. Fact. Rants like “It’s just smashing paint” to “You fix it and it leaks 10 minutes later”. Over the years we have learned that players have little-to-no knowledge of their loader settings or the tank output pressure (no offence, of course). If you send in your (empty) air system and loader (with fresh batteries installed) we will check them both and give you some advice of what needs doing (if anything). We have seen a huge amount of air systems that have SUPER HIGH output pressures due to wear and tear or incorrect adjustments that are simply messing the markers up and making them leak, or loaders that are set so high they are smashing paint before our markers shoot a ball. We won’t fix your loader and tank but we will let you know what you need to do in order to get the best out of your Planet Eclipse marker set-up.

  Cost of this full tune up service is only  
£49 including shipping

(if you use one of the stores listed above - additional shipping costs will be added for using us direct)

You can drop your marker off at Planet Eclipse HQ and we will call you when it’s ready to be picked up or you can drop your marker in at one of the stores above and they will ship it for you to us.

Please note: This package is for UK only. Sorry.