Santa Cause

Had a chance to visit the small city of Townsend, GA to attend Low Country Paintballs’ Scenario Event “Santas Cause”..The Santa Cause Organazation is a non profit business started by  Paula, William and Billy Smith (owner of (LCP)  in Christmas of 2013..

LCP is well known for their scenario events held in Georgia. Over 700 players came from surrounding states like Florida, Kentucky, Alabama and the Carolinas.

The teams were split into 2 teams each consisting of 4 Generals.. On one side we had the Elfinators led by Generals from teams RogueRok, Shockers, ToT and Body Count. On the other side it was Sleighers led by SobePimps ,Jesters Court and Iyoyas. Games started about 8am and went on till about 6pm. Once the sun came down temperatures were in the 40°f  easily..Bonfires were burnt throughout the night giving much needed heat.

Sunday games ended and the Sleighers came out on top after many heated battles. A ton of prizes and gifts were givin out at the awards ceremony. It was a good feeling to know all the toys and money collected will go to help people in need.

On behalf of Planet Eclipse we would like to thank Jon Navarro(SobePB), Billy Smith and LCP for their continued support.

Planet Eclipse got your back!!