The end is nigh.

The Roster Season 3 Finale is upon us and we'll be honest with you, we're feeling quite emotional about it.

After a season of very apparent high and low points, our journey with Chicago Aftershock has definitely been one of discovery. From the initial search for new talent and how that process works for a low income team (or kind of doesn't), to the difficulties in maintaining a roster of players who have to fight for everything they have, is something we feel we've been very close to.

We've been exposed to every knock, every welt, every disappointment and every success along the way and we've felt like part of the Aftershock family. We've worked our asses off to bring you a series that educates and thrills but also generates a level of empathy and respect, regardless of team results, that we believe genuinely touches paintballers across the globe.

And now, we bring you the season finale. An hour-long episode that draws a big fat line under Chicago Aftershock's season.

As always, this will be released on our Vimeo channel for our season pass owners to enjoy before anyone else. PLUS, you get the option to view the uncensored version, meaning you get to absorb every word and every emotion of those Mikey Bruno team talks.

Simply follow this link to view ALL episodes...if you have a season pass, that is:

The Roster Season 3 featuring Chicago Aftershock

We hope you've enjoyed this season as much as we've enjoyed making it and please keep on following our Blog right here as we'll be posting some great follow-up content about all things Roster and Chicago Aftershock.

Thanks to Renick Miller and the Chicago Aftershock team for being part of The Roster and allowing us to let people into their world.

Thanks to Dan Napoli and his crew at Disconnected Media for making The Roster happen and bringing each episode to life.

And thanks to everyone who has supported The Roster this season and purchased Season Passes. Without you guys we wouldn't be able to make a show like this.