Team Faction return to the MWPL

The crisp morning air doesn’t last long in St. George Utah. It quickly gives way to a desert warmth that at this time of the year it inviting not stifling. The perfect time to get out and stretch the legs and test your skills. Hushed voices always accompany this time of day but they too slowly give way to the humming of the compressor engine and the telltale pops of air tanks being filled and guns being crono’d. 

The Mountain West Paintball League (MWPL) is about to kick off it’ first event of the year and we couldn’t be more excited. The MWPL is a great format. Think 5 man speedball in the “woods”. Sometimes the woods is actual wooded areas other times it’s more man made bunker but it’s more of a scenario setup than a traditional PSP layout. The other aspect that makes MWPL so different is the limited paint format that makes you think wisely about how and when you send a few balls downfield

It’s our second MWPL event and we are anxious for a return to the top. Last event we narrowly missed taking it all in the elite division, only PRO is higher. The hopes are high and so is the anticipation for not only today but this year. 

Faction has been playing together for roughly four years now and it’s been an incredible journey. We’ve had several players come and go but the core group remains. While some of us have been together for a long time we always strive to make every player feel as much a part of the team as the veterans. Team chemistry is one of our premier focuses. 

This is also our third year with Planet Eclipse and we are looking forward to a bright future with such an excellent partner. The partnership goes far beyond the clothing we wear the guns we shoot. They’ve invested in us as players and as people and we will be forever grateful. The support they provide allows us to focus our limited resources on getting to more events. 

We line up now at the start box. Relaxation and laughter turns to focus as “10 seconds!!” rings across the field. Muscles tense and grips tighten as we crouch down like a track star ready for the start of a race. In an instant dirty flies, triggers pulled and fates are decided as bodies drop or spots are made on the break. 

The day progresses and we head into the semifinals with a 5 – 3 record. Alas mistakes catch up to us and we are go home disappointed feeling good all at the same time. What a sport. The great equalizer where Doctors, students, young and experienced can all match wits and athleticism where sometimes the former and others the later carry the day. The paint breaks on us all and we all go home the wiser for the experience. Some carrying the knowledge and drive that only defeat brings others of us celebrating victory and realizing that those in the rear view today are indeed much closer than they appear. 

We go home laughing and talking about the day. Win or lose we are friends, we are family we are a team… We are Faction and we will be back.