Black Karma are Bugs !!!

The life of a bug is a harsh existence.  Bugs have no emotions, no fear, no guilt; they only go after what they need to survive, no matter what the cost.  Klendathu is our home, and we will defend the “Brain Bugs” to the very end.  The opposing “Mobile Infantry” are only pebbles that we can move with our ever-growing network of family.  These “Federation Humanoids” only come to our home because our “Tanker Bugs” diverted an asteroid to their home planet.

Much like space, our day started off cold for a late March game at Bearclaw Paintball.  Our general David “Deeznuts” Ferguson had pondered overnight our strategy for attack on this neutral planet like the “Brain Bug” he was.  Before game on at our pre-placements throughout the field, we anticipated popping up like the Bugs we were supposed to be.  The game-start gunshot rang out and we hurriedly ran towards our objectives to control key positions throughout the field before having to return to the “Nest”.

Throughout the day, we sent out our soldier, Arachnids, to probe defenses and harass the mobile infantry, occasionally with the help of our “Tanker Bug.”  “Fort Dax” was one of our favorite targets, when not probing the tunnels.  This time of year was perfect for our HDE pants, jerseys, and pod packs to keep us from being seen throughout the field, thus surprising quite a few troopers when we exited the tunnels.  As the day gave way to night, all teams huddled around fires with tales of valor and eventually shared some pineapple cobbler – my new favorite.

The second game day started early with the crunch of our shoes on frozen, yes frozen, ground.  The paintball gods were again taunting us with their control over the dreaded “W” word: weather.  After suiting up, we headed to “Fort Dax” to begin our assault on “Fort Warden.”  Control of the field shifted from us on the offensive the first day to us on our heels most of the second.  Although we pushed, ran a few successful missions, and controlled the speedball field (Skull City), the final mission was a clean sweep for the Federation.  At the end of the game, we came ahead by a few hundred points and gained an appreciation of an opposing team that pushed gallantly up to the end. 

If you haven’t been to Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville TN, put it on your radar for the weekend of November 7th-8th for the annual “Game of Thrones” battle.  This field is near and dear to us because not only do you get great competition and wonderful service, but you also gain an extended family of people whose friendship extends far beyond a single weekend.  I know we will be there with a full contingent of Planet Eclipse gear (along with the Black Karma Geo 3.5) for any questions, support if it is needed, and of course, a few favorite cobblers for anyone to try.

In the short term, keep updated on our UWL practice schedule on our Facebook page, and come help us prepare for the 2015 UWL season as we plan on competing in Tennessee and Chicago this year.