Capital Offense Tour 2015 – Spring Report

By Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

Team Capital Offense is proud to represent Planet Eclipse at scenario paintball games around the United States.  This spring we’ve been all over the place!  Here’s a quick recap of the splatter and havoc.

In April Team Capital Offense converged on Splatbrothers Paintball in Hopewell, VA.  This field has a long scenario history, and it’s become a regular stop on the Capital Offense tour.  This year we attended Fury Road, a game inspired by the upcoming Mad Max movie installment.

Fury Road began with an assault on the central towers field (an impressive trench-lined field crossed by three large towers connected with catwalks), one that our opposition won handily.  They quickly established dominance and this early edge boosted their morale.  Good thing too, because we brought the fight to them for the rest of the weekend!

Synergy happens when the combined effect of all the parts is greater than the sum of the individual parts.  It’s that feeling when your whole team is in the zone, when everything clicks.  By the early afternoon it was all coming together - radio comms, movement, firing lanes, support - and our total effect on the field was certainly larger than the sum of our individual efforts.  We pulled wide flanking moves, stabbing small groups of enemies as we hit and conquered the outlier bases.  At the mid game stand-down the refs called a halt to our aggression, but when the game restarted we picked up where we left off and moved our front lines all the way to just outside the enemy base.

Sunday morning saw TCO as the first team on the field, and while the other side once again took the towers, we wrested it from them in a close quarters tower-to-tower battle.  The rule of the day was take real estate, and that’s what we did - all the way to the enemy’s front door.  At one point we were tasked to make the difficult push from the barn, down the ravine, and up the other side to secure the road at the top.  One of our front runners, Zach Sadjera, had been making crazy runs all day.  We sent him with some supporting shooters straight up the middle while a second team worked the left flank.  As they got the angles on the top of the hill, Zach ran the final yards and turned the corner on two players behind the key bunker.  They traded out, paving the way for the big push across the road.  Just one of a dozen amazing plays at this game!  If you’ve been in the scenario game for long enough, you know that it doesn’t always come together like this, but when it does, it’s so sweet.

Following this game the team split up to hit events around the country.  Rick “Mamba” Money took on well-known paintball personality Andre “Wolf” Critchlow as opposing generals at Paintball Central’s Con Thien scenario.  He next commanded at the Command Decisions Platoon Leader event, bringing home a win after an 18 hour non-stop event.  We sent players to the final episode of the long-running Castle Conquest series, while Zachary and Andrew Sajdera racked up a victory at the spring scenario at Sherwood Forest in Indiana, and QT Nguyen and Kris Wilson put in time at the PSP/MSXL event as the Eclipse Techs on duty.

Our next round together will be Western Wars at EMR in June, and I’ll be teaching a scenario summer camp at Line-of-Fire Paintball in early July.  It’s Paintball Time!

Jason “foolybear” Lineberger is the woodsball wizard for Planet Eclipse and captain of Team Capital Offense.  You can catch him on Twitter (@foolybear) or on Instagram (@foolybear).