Keep On GRINing !

Battle report from the first leg in the Swedish Paintball Championship............

After a long winter and a lot of preparation, it was finally time to see if belonged in Division 1 or not. GRIN Stockholm was founded 13 years ago and for this season we did a reboot of the team. In the beginning of this season we took in some new young players and our hope was that the mix of young hungry players and old experience players would take us to the top. Our goal this season is to win Division 1 and now it was finally time to make it happen.

The first leg of the Swedish Paintball Championship (PBSM) was held in Trolle, in southern Sweden. Our first game was a hard-fought one against Generation Joy. Unfortunately we lost it 1-2 and got thrown down into the losers bracket. Not the start we wished for, but we kept our heads high and continued to fight our way through the bracket. We won the following 6 games and ended up in the semi-finals against BFP. The game was close, but when the buzzer rang we were short of one point and lost the game 1-2.

Overall we’re satisfied with our performance and taking the third place. The only two games we lost were against the winning team and the team placing second. It feels like the team got a good start this season and our focus the coming weeks will be a lot of practice so we’ll be well prepared for the next leg in Örebro. 

Also, we’re really happy with our custom GEO 3.5s that ran flawlessly the whole weekend.
Many thanks to those who made this season possible for us:

Planet Eclipse, Hypersports,, Anthrax, BullitProof Monkey, G.I. Sportz

Another great performance from the Emortal Army... 

Well Done Grin !!