If you step out of the woods today.....

........... your sure for a big surprise !!!

Upon the completion of our first scenario game of the season, a few of our members started looking into local events that were between our scheduled games for the 2015 season.  With a little bit of research, a few guys decided to venture away from what we know and love about woods ball and attempt to play in a speedball tournament.  For myself, it was the first time seeing these inflatable objects that many call “bunkers.”  After arriving at the field and walking the layout, we quickly realized that we would be in for a learning experience. 

The next morning, we were second on the field after our team captains meeting. We threw on our custom jerseys and realized that the HDE camouflage pattern that helps us blend into the woods wouldn’t help us much on the speedball field. We came out of the first match with a tie and noticed that woods and speedball have different styles of play that we had not known before this event.    

After we watched other more experienced players, we began to pick up on small tricks that played major roles to who would win the point. The next match we played, we came out with the point, but had to fight for it. Throughout the day, our HDE jerseys made many heads turn our way, whether it was because of the professional look or bounces the jerseys caused.  Quite a few people also asked about our custom Black Karma Geo 3.5’s that we recently acquired.  The only worry we had throughout the day was to make sure we didn’t perform an error.  

We made it into the semifinals playing against the team that we had tied earlier in the day. The match was a tough battle, but we pulled through victorious and earned a spot in the finals. The final match was hard fought between both teams.  In the end, we won the point putting ourselves in 1st place for the series.  

We would like to give special thanks to Planet Eclipse for the ongoing support and exceptional gear that we know and love.  Also, we would like to thank Empire for the great Ultra Evil paint and PIG (Paintball is Good) for hosting a great event.
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