Capital Offense - They know how to rally the troops !

Team Capital Offense Leaves Their Mark on Living Legends

At this year’s installment of Living Legends at CPX Sports, members of Team Capital Offense came to kick butt and give away guns – not in that order.  Living Legends has grown to be one of the “must play” games on for many paintballers, and recruiting for the factions begins as soon as the game ends.  This year Richard “Mamba” Money Jr. accepted one of the coveted command positions and the role of Richard the Lionheart supported by teammates Q-T “Aardvark” Nguyen and Vito “Ghost” Montaperto.  Mamba took the command slot six months after recruiting began, so he needed an edge to be competitive with other leaders who were considerably ahead.  What could be a better edge than more players shooing Eclipse markers?  Thus the plan was hatched to give away custom paintball guns, an event and team-branded anodized Etha, Etek5, and LV1.  Each piece would be a unique creation featuring the Living Legends logo, the Capital Offense name, and an amazing color scheme thanks to Arc Anodizing.

The team handed off these beauties to lucky winners before the start of each day, ensuing that all registered players were ready to roll at the opening horn.  In fact, one of the criteria for winning called for the winner to be ready to step onto the field, and since only players who had signed up to run under the Lionheart banner were eligible to win, the contest drew a group of motivated shooters to our side.  Aardvark also assisted at the Eclipse Pro-Tech booth to ensure that all registered players could maximize field time and get the most from their trip to Living Legends.

Saturday morning before game on, the crowd of paintballers was buzzing about the giveaway.  Amazingly, the lucky winners of the Etha and Etek5 were members of the same team, a group just entering the scenario scene with entry-level gear.  What a way to step up their game!  The Sunday morning winner of the LV1 was a relative newcomer to paintball who had just purchased a marker the day before.  After putting his hands on the custom LV1, he promptly returned his purchase.  Why would he need anything less than the best?

Team Capital Offense made their mark on and off the field, and they’re planning a return trip for Living Legends 9.