Black Karma.... Hot and Sweaty !!!

July in Tennessee brings two awful things; heat and humidity.  But this year it also brought one of our favorite paintball formats with the Ultimate Woodsball League.  We enjoy UWL because you get the fast format of speedball, which is, after all, paintball’s original home, and you add it to the woods!

Since the Music City Open was held at our home field of Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN, we arrived the night before and decided to do a few of our favorite pre-game activities.  We relived old paintball stories, planned the upcoming schedule, and of course ate cobbler.  Pineapple was the flavor for this excursion.

This year, we accomplished one of our team goals by winning first place in the 10-man tactical division.  The many hours of practice (with many of our favorite teams) seemed to pay off.  We also fielded two teams in the 5-man tactical division; one of them came in 2nd place. 

Without some of our favorite gear, the wins wouldn’t have been possible. The list includes Planet Eclipse HDE Elbow Pads, HDE Headwraps, Custom HDE Jerseys, and the Black Karma GEO 3.5.  A few of us also had Etek 5s with OLED boards which make them easy to program.  A big thank you to Planet Eclipse for your continued support for our team.

We would also like to thank Empire Paintball for the Evil and Marballizer Paint that shot on-point all weekend.  We know we can always count on your paint to come though flawlessly.

Finally, we could not do any of this without the continued support of our families.  This includes not only our blood relates, but also our extended paintball family.  Without you behind us, this victory wouldn’t mean much.

We look to compete in the UWL Masters Event at Badlandz Paintball in Crete, Illinois on September 11th-13th.  After that, we will be at the main event of the Fall at Bearclaw Paintball for Millennium Paintball Production’s annual Game of Thrones event on November 7-8, 2015.  This game boasts not only a day beach landing to start the game, but also a night beach landing, complete with three huge funeral pyres.  There is free camping available on-site.  If you make it to the Fall game at Bearclaw, stop by our Kompound! Say hi, have a beverage, and definitely try some of our famous cobbler.  If you have any issues with your gear, we can also take a look, and try to get you back into the game as quickly as possible.  

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Thanks to Karl Poynter for the pictures... 
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