EPS Malaysia - New Beginning ???

The Malaysian paintball industry is in turmoil and in sharp decline since the Royal Malaysian Police deemed that all paintball markers are Firearms and thus illegal to possess without a firearms License. The local paintball industry leaders has been lobbying and in constant dialogue with the Home Ministry and the Police to resolve this for nearly 2 years now as only a handful of paintball centres are legally licensed. They rest are still waiting….

In the meantime, an enterprising newly licensed paintball centre called Extreme Power Sports - EPS based 200kms north of the capital city Kuala Lumpur, came up with this brilliant idea to start the Extreme Paintball League - EPL. Consulted by TC Gan of Skirmish Paintball Asia, EPS purchased a bunch of brand new and licensed Planet Eclipse Etek 5 to use as a rental markers for their EPL tournament league. And to kick start and to revive the declining paintball industry, EPS sold paintballs at the first and subsequent EPL event from April 2015, at as low as US$35.00 for Ignite tournament grade. 

This was an instant hit with more than 40 teams participating in each of the last 3 EPL events - ALL teams using and shooting the brilliant Planet Eclipse Etek 5 markers. For once in a paintball tournament in Malaysia, all teams are equal with their equipment. Brand new and out of the box, the Etek 5 performed  effortlessly and seamlessly from teams to teams and players to players.There were howls of delight and amazement from teams and players alike at how a mid range marker could perform so well and so efficiently with ease, reliability and accuracy. Our technicians were the most happy lot because they had nothing to do except clean and wipe the markers down for the next team.

EPL # 3 Leg - AOV Cup was held in the South of Malaysia about 400kms from KL last weekend. We had teams come in from Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia to participate in our unique paintball tournament with markers provided and cheaply priced Ignite tournament paintballs. Ignite paintballs is the best selling tournament paintballs at World Cup Asia for the 4th year running outselling all the world’s renown and leading brands of paintballs.

After battling it out until dusk, Team Duckside and their Junior team Duckside 2 both sponsored by Planet Eclipse emerge victorious with a Champions and 2nd podium placing for Duckside 2. Team Duckside is poised to lift the Overall Champions title after already winning 2 legs and coming in 3rd in another with the final leg to go on 5th - 6th Dec

EPS and EPL would like to thank all its sponsors, Planet Eclipse for the brilliant Etek 5 markers and for all the spares and support with the Planet Eclipse Technicians present and Gelkaps Sports India for supplying and subsidising all the paintballs used in this league. EPL would also like to thank all the teams and players to participated and help to bring back the enthusiasm and buzz of paintball tournaments and not forgetting the MPRO marshals for their dedications and services. 

EPL had a team called Old Skool who’s qualifying criteria of doing this team is that they must be over 42 years old and has had major surgery / ailments on their bodies, led by Dean the Bear of Raskal fame. yea, we had the ambulances on standby...

EPS / EPL paintball league is all about bring the fun back into competitive paintball with value for money events. 

March on the Emortal army !

Photos courtesy of Zul Photography and Red Turtle Media.