Black Karma - Season of Change

As we approached Badlandz Paintball in Crete, Illinois, we reflected on our journey over the past few years. As a team, we have had many fun adventures, trying times, and grown close as a family. We came to the UWL International Masters event to see if we belonged in the league we have chosen to compete in. We started out as friends who enjoyed this crazy, adrenaline filled sport of paintball, but made the decision to transition from Scenario ball to competitive Woodsball. 

The competition was intense at the event. Teams flocked to the venue from throughout the United States, Mexico, and Panama. Our 5-man team progressed up through the preliminary rounds with a perfect record, no doubt in part to our awesome HDE attire and Black Karma Geo 3.5's. In the finals, we lost a well-earned win in the last few seconds of the match to some fierce competitors. We left the UWL International Masters with 2nd place win in 5-man Division and a desire to train more for next season so we can claim the title. This is definitely a format where we feel “at home,” and look forward to many more competitions. 

A week after the UWL event, some of our younger (and less weight challenged, I might add!) teammates competed in the last event in a series of Beginner Speedball Tournaments at Paintball is Good in McCalla, Alabama. Competitive Speedball is definitely outside of our comfort zone, but this helped us see a different perspective of play than we are used to. After progressing through the tournament throughout the year, our boys made us proud and brought home 1st place. Thank you, Planet Eclipse, for your continued support. We can always count on your gear to perform flawlessly at our events, no matter what the conditions are. 

Next up on our calendar, November 6th-8th, is the annual MPP Game of Thrones event at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, Tennessee. As in previous years, there will be two beach landings: one to start the game, and one at night lit by three huge funeral pyres. The vendor list grows each time we check, and I’m sure Planet Eclipse will be there. Stop by our Kompound and try our cobbler! If you have a favorite recipe, let us know on our Facebook page and we might make it. All you have to do is show up and enjoy. Hope to see you there!