Capital Offense – They Shoot, They Score!

It’s been a busy fall paintball season for Team Capital Offense.  Fields and producers, amped on surging numbers of players, have put out more scenario action than teams know how to handle!  Here are a few highlights from the past few months.

In August the team split for the Star Wars vs. Star Trek game at OXCC in Maryland and the Borderlands scenario at Boss Paintball in North Carolina.  The NC contingent fought under former Vicious pro Matt Sossoman as we rocked the front lines in a hard-fought contest.  Capital Offense shooter, Brian Radford, racked up the award all players want – the one given for being the biggest threat to the opposing team.

September once again saw the team pulled in two directions.  The northern contingent made a strong showing at SplatBrothers, while the southern crew set up shop in North Myrtle Beach, SC for the annual Invasion of Japan scenario at Adventure Beach Paintball.  Team members brought families along for a mini vacation, but on the field it was all business as TCO stepped up to play for the American side – the attacking side of the scenario.

The opening hour of the game resulted in a stalemate, but the scenario went downhill quickly after that – for the Japanese team.  For this event the TCO squad opted to be the main mission team, which put Port City Militia in the role of the assault force.  As they ran up the center of the field, TCO made their push through the woods, engaging with the other side’s mission squads, and racking up win after win.  At one point on Saturday afternoon we had forces completing two objectives, while a third part of the team was secretly dropped behind enemy lines. The resulting massacre was, as one of our players put it, some of the most fun he’s ever had in paintball.

The field at Adventure Beach played beautifully, as usual, and the predicted foul weather held off and offered up, instead, ideal conditions.  Our first mission Sunday morning put our team directly in the path of an equal-sized crew running mag-fed markers.  They played well, but when you combine the Eclipse LV1 with a team that has gelled with each other and the field, you have an equation for quick, decisive victory.  We charged through to our mission point without losing a player.

That’s not to say that we didn’t take our share of lumps during the game, but a highly motivated medic made sure that we stayed in the game and pushing towards our goals.  One of our guests, Josh Beam, ran radios for our general and kept us informed on the current state of the game.  For his hard work he brought back the MVP award.  Capital Offense also got Most Valuable Team for the victorious American side.

Next on the slate is our traditional year-ender, the Fulda Gap Mega Game at Command Decisions Wargames Center.  This large-scale event is the one that caps off the year for many east coast teams, and since this year is the 10th anniversary, it’s a scenario that players from around the world will attend.  If you’re coming to Fulda Gap, come by the Capital Offense compound to say hello!

Jason “foolybear” Lineberger is the woodsball wizard for Planet Eclipse and captain of Team Capital Offense.  You can catch him on Twitter (@foolybear) or on Instagram (@foolybear).