Bounty Hunters re-sign with Planet Eclipse for 2016

Eighteen months ago, the Bounty Hunters paintball team began discussing sponsorship possibilities. Being a rather large team, we expected to hear several different opinions on how to proceed. Fortunately, we quickly made the unanimous decision to seek a sponsorship from Planet Eclipse. This decision was made easy, since the majority of our players were already using Planet Eclipse markers anyway. So we contacted Planet Eclipse, got our ducks in a row (as they say), and were fortunate enough to be accepted into the Planet Eclipse family. Looking back, everyone is in total agreement that it was the best choice the team has ever made. There has been countless times that we have been approached by other players asking about Planet Eclipse items, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to tell others about the best products and the greatest company in the Paintball World. Thank you Planet Eclipse and to Marc Lancia for providing us with the most reliable markers on the market, the best playing gear, and outstanding customer service ..... Richard Winn

Marc Lancia from Planet Eclipse said...... I love having the opportunity to work with scenario paintball teams as they do a tremendous job promoting paintball to the every day paintballer. We have been working with the Bounty Hunters for the past year and they have done a great job promoting our product line to all the players they encountered. I was excited to have the opportunity to extend their contract and to continue to work with them in 2016 and hopefully beyond. What I love about them is that they go out of their way to help players at the field and give them the opportunity to try their equipment, so if you ever see a Bounty Hunter player at your local field, go say Hi and if you have never tried an Eclipse gun ask them about it. We look forward to seeing them on the field in 2016!

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