Team Raskal Wins TPOC Chiang Mai

Team Raskal Malaysia travelled to the beautiful Northern city of Chiang Mai Thailand for their opening 2016 paintball season on 23rd Jan 2016. The event was Thailand Paintball Official Circuit 1st Leg - TPOC.

Team Raskal Malaysia was travelling to the Lion's den, the land of legendary Muay Thai warriors and awesome paintballers to take the fight to the Thais as it were. Raskal has never been able to win in this Land of Smiles and the cooler weather did catch them unawares, flying from KL at 35*C to 19*C in Chiang Mai in a space of two an half hours. The warmth of the Thai's welcome did help overcome any shivers and the spirits of adventures soon took charge. Under the new Captaincy of Pengiran Khairoden Nizam aka Oden, the 7th generation team Raskal Malaysia Captain, all the boys looked and felt great.

On a bright and chilly Saturday morning, things didn't go too well as they boys were still too cold and meeting  for the 1st game of the day with the PALS WCA 2015 Champions team Aisawan, losing 3-2. That shook team Raskal up and they powered through their other 3 preliminary games.

Day 2, Sunday 1st game was to complete the final prelim game but some on field controversy during the game really fired up team Raskal. In the 2nd round and with fires still in their bellies, Raskals qualified top of their group after destroying the other teams. Team Raskal snakeman Mak Kar King single handledly destroyed the opposition, playing the best game of his life, in one game shooting all 5 players.

Team Raskal - Mak Kar King or now known as Snake King

Round 3 Semi Finals, Raskals overran team Duckside another top Malaysian team without dropping a point setting up a meeting with WCA Champions team Aisawan in the Finals. The boys were fired up for a rematch.

First point of the Finals saw Team Raskal Malaysia going in fast and hard, taking Aisawan bodies on the break . With Snake King in place and Capt Oden and Moya the Hoya, cruising down the dorito side, wrapped up the 1st point. 2nd point saw Raskals taking the dorito side again with such speed and agility than Aisawan did not have a response. Capt Oden wrapped up 2nd point with a 30 meters dash to finish off the last Aisawan player.

Team Raskal - Moya the Hoya
Finals 3rd point was stopped in mid play due to very heavy rain, so heavy that the loaders were filled with rain. All the players were drenched to their skins and had to sit out 25 minutes until the torrential rain stopped. Restart of 3rd point saw Team Raskal changing strategy attacking with both flanks simultanouesly and taking the final point.

Team Aisawan is an awesome team and the reigning PALS WCA 2015 Champions and to take this 1st leg TPOC Champions trophy away from them is no mean feat. I sincerely thank team Aisawan for giving us a some very good games, in prelims and 2nd rounds both which team Raskal lost but it taught us some very valuable lessons and tips which we used in the Finals game and managed to overcomed them. Thank you team Aisawan.

Team Raskal Malaysia would like to sincerely thank their sponsors, Planet Eclipse for their awesome Egos and Geos and accessories, EPS and Gelkaps for the fantastic paintballs, Virtue, Exalt, Xtion Paintball for the training facilities and off course Cross Muay Thai Gym for getting the boys into shape, Meccanica EFX for sponsoring the gym sessions, to all families and friends and supporters and Finally to TOM and KOKO of Expressway Paintball, Hazard Paintball for organising this fantastic TPOC event. See you all in Bangkok for 2nd Leg on 21-22nd May.

Team Raskal Malaysia wins TPOC Chiang Mai 2016

Great start to the season....