Papeletto Smashin It (inc cool Drone Video)


PAPELETTO CAMPEAO CBX ETAPA 1 2016 CAMPEAO (4K) from Ready 2 Fly on Vimeo.

It was the first event of the Brazilian x-ball league. The event layout and rules was based on NXL Format.

On the first day of event we lost to one of our major competitors, Ninjinhas, (0x2), but won against another Planet Eclipse team from our home town, Pinta a Pua (4x0).

On the second day we beat our other major competitor, Jungle Boys (3x1) and tied against Ink that had one of our players playing with them.

After those 4 games we classified as second.

The semi finals was re-match against our  rivals Ninjinhas. We made some corrections to our tactics. It was a close game, but we beat them in overtime, after a 2x2 tie.

With our now corrected game plan we destroyed the Jungle Boys in the Finals ..... 4x0 :-) 

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